38 thoughts on “Introducing piggy pig to the police #firstamendmentaduits

  1. Man I’ve seen a bunch of people saying unsubscribe and this is disrespectful.

    Port orange police is a criminal enterprise.

    I will never respect them. They created JMA. They put criminal charges against me, provided false reports to FAA, put me on watch lists.

    I don’t respect them, never will, never ever feel sorry for them. They are mostly criminals in uniform. Google Kim Kilpatrick.

    She wanted bmb charges against me.

    Good luck and feel free to boot lick. I don’t

  2. I would have given the cop's a lemon 🍋 each letting them know if they suck on it it will make them sweeter.
    Also if you give them a piggy letting them know to put it between their legs that when they walk it talk's JUST LIKE THEM !
    Awww sorry that was disrespectful NOT.

  3. Amazing video and thank you for breaking it down!! Despite the economic downturn, I'm so happy I have been earning $ 60,000 returns from my $9,000 investment every 21days📌📌📌✅

  4. Imagine this, if they didn't earn the hate, maybe they wouldn't be so hated. Just a little food for thought for all the mindless bootlickers out there.

  5. Why isn't there a zero tolerance policy in every city and law enforcement dept in the country to dispense severe life altering penalties with every civil rights violation! NOT giving the administrators, judges or prosecuting attorneys ANY discretion in the matter, WHATSOEVER! If cops and public servants are this stupid, even one time, they should never have been hired OR elected. Leave NO out or leniency for these corrupt, stupid offenders!! This whole Blue line cop gang thing reminds us of the cops cowering in the hallway at Uvalde when 19 babies were slaughtered along with two teachers. These guys have the same mentality and are worried ONLY about cop safety!(Top 25 MOST dangerous jobs in the USA: #5 is crossing guards and #25 are cops) more than public safety and at $100+ grand a year they should have higher priorities, pass psychological Testing and try to locate a moral compass!🐽🐷

  6. The unmanned cameras on the side of the road have been outlawed in Utah. The people insisted on being able to face their accuser, and the people do not recognize automated ticketing machines as valid accusers for court purposes. I think that should be a federal thing. If the government wants to give us tickets, they should have to get up off their butts and do it themselves, at very least, and not delegate it to machines.

  7. I can't understand how blue piggie was talking all time to his family members and didn't get one response that whole time , I am most certain they understood what little blue was saying to them lol 🤘💀🤘

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