Interrogation of Metro State Officer Sean Jeffrey Brijmohan (Part II)

The following is loosely adapted from a case summary written by the State Attorney’s Office:

Mohammad Amar Aljamos owns the Royal Hookah Lounge in Orlando. Sean Jeffrey Brijmohan had been frequenting Aljamos’ business for approximately eight months and Aljamos knew Brijmohan to be a federal agent. Brijmohan always had his badge and firearm on him when in the business. Brijmohan had also shown-up other times wearing a tactical vest and carrying an assault rifle.

Brijmohan had also implied to Aljamos that he was involved with the Las Vegas shooting investigation, on one occasion even telling Aljamos that he was traveling to Las Vegas to speak with the President of the United States about the tragic event.

Aljamos advised he was very close to Brijmohan and treated him like a brother. Brijmohan introduced Aljamos to someone he identified as (a) his friend and (b) a fellow federal agent.

That guy’s name?

Steven Negron.

Sound familiar?


Try “Recycle.”

And then — as a “prank” — they robbed Aljamos. Good prank.

Rather than explain the [very, very twisty] story here, we are going to let the victim, the suspects, and the witnesses tell their own version of events.

Published to Patreon concurrently with Part One was a sworn interview of Jeremy Dewitte by Assistant State Attorney Richard Wallsh (yes, two “l”s) in relation to this case. That video will be publicly available for free this coming Friday.

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Author: rafael.nieves


28 thoughts on “Interrogation of Metro State Officer Sean Jeffrey Brijmohan (Part II)

  1. Even if it's one of my oldest friends..and this guy they think of as a scumbag… "playing the prank" huh….. If it gets to stealing my f*ckin' money.. playing cops threatening my living…and then hold onto it for 5days….until real cops are involved..and then call it a prank…nah…that's no prank….

  2. It's easy for me to comment when I'm not in his seat but these police are easy to read. From my opinion They didn't have the evidence. They needed him to give them a statement badly. On top of the guy being extorted being a scum bag.

  3. Cops: “please admit that it wasn’t a prank, we won’t offer you any plea deal, because we don’t have that authority, so just admit it wasn’t a prank so we can get the easy W for an investigation that wasted way to much tax payer dollars, and we need this W, we need it to not look stupid”

    God do they believe what they say.

    They keep telling him, stop saying it’s a prank, just admit to it so it’s easier, you are a good dude. But they aren’t telling him that x y and z charges won’t be pressed on him, because he “didn’t mean for it to go that far”. God cops are so trash at interviews sometimes.

    These detectives need to get demoted, how do they even get this high up? When this is the best they can do…

    No wonder why there are so many Florida men, when these are the cops are the ones interviewing them….

    The black detective said, I just want you to shake my hand and say he was right…. I have no dog in the fight.

    Ummm yes you do, that’s why you’re in there trying to get him to admit he did it and it wasn’t a prank, you are a terrible liar.

    “We know the truth” so why are we even still talking you dumbass. Because you have nothing, and you don’t want to look stupid to your higher ups, for wasting so much tax money on this investigation.

    On a serious note, how much money was spent on the whole investigation? Tens of thousands? Hundreds of thousands? All for 2 grand? Yeah, I would want that confession too, so at least they can say well we were right.

    His argument to just confessing to committing felony crimes, is welp your friend aren’t going to say the same thing, so it’s going to look bad on you, and instead of giving your lawyer a chance to fight in court and say well the other guys are the liars. We want you to just take the blame now.

    You won’t have to worry about what’s going to happen later, if you admit now. If you admit, and take the blame now, you won’t have to worry about taking the blame later because we already have everything now….

    Yeah sounds like a good deal, I’ll admit to felony offenses and get locked up…. All because oh no, other people might not tell you the same thing. Guess what I still have my story, it hasn’t changed, and my lawyer won’t be screwed when he is trying to defend me and my story….

    God they really need a demotion.

    And his logic is, you should tell us because we know, even though we don’t have evidence to prove what we know, because it’s all he said she said, and you don’t have any audio evidence of me saying what you say I said, and I should admit to felonies because y’all treated me nice. God the logic just keeps getting better and better with this guy…

    Florida if you are reading this please demote him, shit even fire him, he’s making y’all look like amateurs with why the guy should confess….

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