Internal Affairs called me

So this is what happened when internal affairs contacted me about the may 4th 2020 incident involving lennox sheriff and a driver who they pulled over, pulled out of his car and beat up.
I’m sure i’m forgetting other details that happened during the interview, but these are the moments that stuck out and I remembered to write down.
We went to their Commerce building….
Let me know if you would have done the interview- why or why not….
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42 thoughts on “Internal Affairs called me

  1. Great video, very interesting to learn about the IAD interview process in LA. I was curious about the oversight board– is it composed of civilians, are people appointed how does it work? This video and your experience is an important example of why cop watchers are so important! Thank you for your work Laura Shark!

  2. Internal Affairs is a joke across the nation. It's like having wolves verifying that the foxes that killed the chickens in the coop followed all the proper procedures.
    Cops today are corrupt militarized authoritarian jackbooted thugs and hide behind one of the worst Supreme Court decisions EVER that removed accountibility, the concept of 'qualified immunity' for cops.
    Remember, it takes two years of classes in most states to get a cosmetology license but only 6 months to get a cop certificate in those same states (and a lot of that time ISN'T in the classroom).
    Only if there was an INDEPENDENT OF THE COPS citizen council like a Grand jury might there maybe be some accountibility from the terrorist gang the police have become.

  3. A lot of vids are sent to IA and they don't want to tell you they have to investigate. IA for some reason think I shot the vid, not. If it is not serious misconduct such as improper comment or conduct unbecoming, it is handled at the division. If your talking to IA it is big, and you should remind them that your testimony in merely part of what they have against the officer already, and every officer you see in the vid is interviewed on tape. Some turn on the bad apple some don't, some have priors for improperly touching people. I will always chime in on how the officers were unsafe contrary to training which subsequently led to them swarming you.

  4. laura thank you for the work you do i live in california and have been harassed by lapd since i was in 9th grade of high school because i lived in the jungles (gang territory) i would walk down the street with my baseball gear on and they would stop and ask me to show them whats in my bag and if they can check i had nothing but those moments are the reason i dont trust our police

  5. Actually I don’t think you can or should agree to take any form of interviews with out recording. Frankly, YOU are carrying out a criminal investigation with the suspects potential accomplices. I’m unaware of any circumstances where you would not be able to record that interaction.

  6. Laura please contact the State Attorney General Xavier Becerra. The State Department of Justice is investigating the LASD for civil rights violations. There is a link to file a complaint against LASD in Becerra's Jan 22nd press release. Let the State investigators know that you have a video they might be interested in viewing. If you still have the video posted, send them a link. Also advise them about your meeting with IA and ask for Becerra's help in getting your personal info redacted from the IA transcript and report. Explain that IA could not guarantee confidentiality of your personal info and you fear deputy retaliation.

    Getting the State investigators involved will turn the heat up on IA so the deputies won't get away with what they did.

  7. Too many comments to go through. I apologize if someone already posted this. The victim or victim's family must have lawyered up and is suing LAPD and the county of LA. This would explain why IA contacted you. They are probably trying to figure how damaging your video will be if there is a trial. They are probably trying to figure out if offering a settlement and how much of a settlement to offer will keep the case from going to trial where a jury will most likely return a seven digit figure for pain and suffering. Another seven digit figure for punitive award. So it could end up being an 8 digit judgement for the victim when you combine the pain and suffering with punitive. Since the county and LASD have deeper pockets than Cano and Parga, the LA county taxpayers will be picking up the bill for the deputies excessive use of force.

  8. The interview was to find out just exactly what you knew, saw or heard. It makes it easier for their lies when the write the ‘official report’.
    The info gathered by IA will be forwarded to the departments lawyers to be used for their benefit when defending the actions of their officers.
    There will be the cops version and your lesser version. The man’s version is going to be extremely limited as the beat him senseless, so he likely remembers little, and we already know that if he had a camera – it’s smashed by now.

  9. It’s clear why they were asking the questions they did – you were not there to provide clarification of what happened or the truth. That were trying to catch you in any statements that might help exonerate the officers or at least provide enough information to cast doubt on the officers’ guilt or, at a minimum, their unprofessionalism and/or incompetence.

  10. I cannot possibly fathom the need to question you about an incident that was documented on video.

    IMO, the “interview” was a means of ascertaining what other information, or a lack of information, you had to aid them in manufacturing any one of a list of possible narratives ranging from plausible deniability and character assassination to either whitewash, obfuscate or even fabricate a “conclusion” that provides the most effective concealment of their malfeasance…

    THIS is one of the many inherent features of a monopoly, of ANY form. Malfeasance, corruption AND the resources needed to propagate it…

  11. I just started watching this video and do not know the outcome yet. I usually don’t comment until I have seen the entire video but felt it important to give my first impressions without knowing the outcome. This smells from the beginning. I would not have walked out on the police interview because I never would have walked in. From what I’ve seen and heard so far you having nothing to gain and possibly something to lose. Your a smart girl but despite probably entering a nice building with well dressed public servants you probably missed the sign above the entrance. “Beware, You are now entering a den of vipers”.

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