39 thoughts on “INTENSE moments when Police Officers Save Children on Balcony From Mother on Molly

  1. Effin' Onion-Ninjas!
    I've been at that sort of scene.
    It doesn't ever let you forget, does it?

    When LEO turns the kids around and gets between them and the ledge, showing "I'd sooner throw you to safety with knowledge that it'll cause me to fall, than to let you get hurt." THAT is the answer.

    I think you received a good name.

  2. These toxic men trying two oppress this helpless woman on the ledge with her to non binary off spring, I only wish that CNN or other fine media would have shown this oppression over and over so we can see the nazi like tactics and mansplaining they were doing. The way they ripped the children from her motherly embrace just shows what we need to do is share this video with every 2nd wave feminists and antifa members so they can pass the word on.

  3. God bless those officers for keeping calm while risking every on that ledge in order to rescue those poor children. I sincerely hope these children got the help they need to deal with this trauma. That "mom" is just messed up!

  4. Glad those cops were there and not 3/4's of the people sitting here in the comment section. Those poor kids, cops even the mother. Not a nice situation for all involved, glad it turned out OK for them on this call.

  5. This was so absolutely heartbreaking. I’ll just never understand why someone would trade their lives with a beautiful family for a chemical that will kill you. Kudos to those officers that were out there on the ledge. 👍🏻

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