Intense Bodycam Footage Shows Louisville Cop Shot in Barrage of Gunfire

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Louisville, Kentucky — On Thursday, September 7, 2023 at approximately 2:27 a.m., LMPD 2nd Division Officer Brandon Haley was attempting to catch up with a vehicle that had no lights on. The vehicle was traveling westbound on Kentucky Street and turned south on 40th Street where the vehicle came to rest on the sidewalk. At the beginning of the video captured on Officer Haley’s dashcam, shows the taillights being activated as the car attempts to turn left onto 40th Street. Officer Haley exited his vehicle and advised that two subjects were running. As Officer Haley ran towards the vehicle, several subjects began shooting from a house on the west side of 40th Street. Officer Haley was immediately struck and fell to the ground and returned fire.

While still being shot at, Officer Haley ran to the opposite side of the street where he was met by Officer Billotto. As Officer Billotto began assessing Officer Haley’s injuries, the subject or subjects began shooting at officers again. Officer Billotto returned fire and dragged Officer Haley to a safer position. Officer Billotto immediately began to relay information to responding officers while rendering aid to Officer Haley. Officer Haley was placed in a police car and transported to University Hospital with life-threatening injuries. Numerous officers responded, including LMPD’s Hostage Negotiation Team, as well as SWAT. Over the course of the next several hours, five persons of interest were taken into custody and multiple guns and narcotics were seized at the scene. At this time, Officer Haley’s condition has improved greatly and he is no longer in critical condition.

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0:00 – Synchronized Footage
7:12 – Dashcam: Officer Haley
7:58 – Bodycam: Officer Haley
10:43 – Bodycam: Officer Billotto
17:43 – Patreon Supporters

** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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36 thoughts on “Intense Bodycam Footage Shows Louisville Cop Shot in Barrage of Gunfire

  1. Wow, watching these officers treat their fellow officer as a brother and them all working together was touching forsure! I hope the officer who was shot made it through 😮‍💨

  2. I see officers ready to take action and do everything they can to save a life when danger is presented to them. Taking action and fighting back to save a life is inspiring. I absolutely admire the bravery of these two men. Fucking legends

  3. Dominique Thompson, Jemond Groves, Quantez Porter, Jacquan Ransom and Demarco Coney Jr. — have been arrested in connection Haley's shooting, but none of them have been charged with pulling the trigger.

  4. Praying for a full recovery officer Haley and a big TY to officer Billittto for saving his brother in blue life 💙👮‍♀️💙👮‍♀️💙👮‍♀️💙👮‍♀️

  5. Quite impressed Haley returned fire from the ground, after being shot. He's a stud!
    Officer Billotto drug a comrade under fire, to safety , and patched him. Never heard him cuss.
    Wouldn't be suprised if he is a Christian.
    I was too scared of this, when I was young, to be a cop.
    Officer Billotto, thank you for doing the Lord's work in the streets.
    Thank you both and blessings in Christ, Amen.

  6. Heart wrenching. Glad Haley is okay way to stay in the fight. Ofc Bolito props for keeping an IFAK on your person. I would work with either of you any shift. Praying for a speed recovery physical mental and emotional.

  7. 14:53

    None of us even needed to hear the subject description to know exactly who was responsible.. Every day , every shooting, is the exact same suspect description.. It’s time we stop punishing law-abiding citizens with never-ending unconstitutional gun laws that never affect the subjects committing 85% of all violent crime in this country, because they do not follow laws in the first place.

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