In Depth: WSU Football Player Excessive Force Lawsuit (Part II)

On October 30, 2018 Treshon Nedill Broughton filed suit against Alex Gordon, Shane Emerson, the Pullman Police Department, and other unnamed defendants with a complaint alleging various violations of Broughton’s civil rights. Broughton alleges unlawful detention, filing of false or misleading documents about said detention, excessive force, violations of Broughton’s Sixth and Fourteenth Amendment rights, and malicious prosecution – all stemming from an incident that took place on February 18, 2017 in Pullman.

Since that incident some videos have emerged, but they are all incomplete – showing only a portion of what was captured – and they also represent only a small, cherry-picked portion of the full body of video associated with the incident and arrest. It’s difficult to form an opinion about something when you don’t know what actually happened.

So for this case, Real World Police is filling in the blanks.

Because there will be many videos in this series the channel will not be solely dedicated to it. Instead, regular programming will continue as these videos are published.

This video was captured on the body worn camera of Officer Alex Gordon.


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48 thoughts on “In Depth: WSU Football Player Excessive Force Lawsuit (Part II)

  1. No offence to the women campus cops but they are clearly not capable of dealing with hostile situations like this. The 2 guy cops couldn't even get him down. If you are not physically fit you should not be a cop this is what causes unjustified shootings, or justified ones that could have been handled by physical means.


    Well, for one, you’re screaming so…

    Edit: why do we give these absolute ignorant idiots to get scholarships when they have absolutely no regard for anyone besides themselves. It’s a waste of Money that could go to someone that actually deserves it.

  3. Hmmmm common denominator, black men, resisting arrest, breaking the damn fucking law!!!!! Why are all these things overlooked when it’s so obvious that all these black men are just looking for a damn paycheck in the end!!! Complete goddamn fucking bullshit it’s always cleans to just be “racism “ that is goddamn fucking bullshit and I’m sick of it just like everyone else who doesn’t wanna say it out loud

  4. COMPLY. If not, you get what you deserve. They used all they force they needed to to get this moron under control. When will people learn. It’s really simple, comply and have your day in court. From Ferguson until now, every incident that made the news, every single one, happen because the “suspect” failed to comply. PERIOD! They ALL brought it upon themselves.

  5. Also, this officer gave bad advice for his officers to hang around cause "people are angry", they're not the feelings police, people's feelings arent their concern, Again, their job is to DE ESCALATE! Get your asses back to duty!!!

  6. This cops footage shows excessive force & these are the cops that need their qualified immunity tried….especially how this cops cam is purposely point away from wus happening, that Bald cop needs to be FIRED

  7. Somehow he got 150,000. Change his ethnicity to Asian, Mexican, White, or anything else and the charges would have stuck and there would be no settlement. This crap about people getting a free pass is getting so out of hand.

  8. 04:20 – he must have a concussion here. He could use this footage in court and claim that when he hit the floor he got braindamaged and its clearly visible/audible in the clip, because the cop isnt breaking his wrist.

    Hes breaking his pride and makes him the goofball of the night in front of everyone, walking the walk of shame.

  9. Thank God for video…this hitting liar would have had the cops messed up for months. He's a scumbag all the way. They put on these loud innocent acts so they have people who will back up their stories of torture…thats a freakin joke!

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