“I’m not nervous, I’m just tired!”

On March 13, 2021 at approximately 9:00 A.M., Arkansas State Police Trooper Christopher Short conducted a traffic stop on a white Hyundai Accent for making an unsafe lane change in front of a pickup truck, causing it to have to apply its brakes, and for following too closely to a tractor-trailer. The traffic stop occurred on westbound I-40 near the 13 mile marker in Crawford County, Arkansas. The driver was later identified as Kyla Nicole Forbes, and her front seat passenger was identified as Malcolm Dewayne Alexander.

Having been trained in drug interdiction techniques, Trooper Short noticed that both Forbes and Alexander were extremely nervous. Trooper Short requested consent to search of the vehicle and Forbes denied consent. Consequently, Trooper Short requested Trooper Jose Elmore and his K9 partner Bo. While waiting for Trooper Elmore, Forbes admitted to being on federal probation and stated that she was not supposed to leave the State of Iowa. Forbes also admitted to having a meth pipe in her purse. At approximately 9:20 A.M., Trooper Elmore arrived on scene. Trooper Elmore utilized his K9 partner Bo to conduct a sniff of the air around the stopped vehicle, and Bo alerted to the presence of narcotics in the vehicle. During a search of the vehicle, ten bundles of meth weighing a total of 6.3 kilograms were located inside a black duffle bag in the vehicle’s trunk. Also located inside the vehicle was a glass pipe Forbes’ purse, as well as an open syringe in the center console.

At approximately 10:50 A.M., Special Agent Andrew Chronister and Task Force Agent Eric Pippin conducted a post-Miranda interview of Kyla Nicole Forbes, during which Forbes admitted to driving Alexander to Greenville, Mississippi, on March 12, 2021. Once they arrived in Greenville, Forbes stated that they drove to a hotel. Forbes stated that Alexander gave her the money for a hotel room and she rented a room in her name at an Executive Inn Motel. Alexander left Forbes at the hotel and retuned a few hours later, at which time, they left Greenville en route to Des Moines, Iowa. Forbes advised that Alexander was paying her $1000 to drive him to Greenville and back. Forbes also stated that she knew Alexander was a “drug dealer,” as he had sold her meth in the past, and that he would also sell cocaine and Ecstasy.

On March 14, 2021 at approximately 2:00 p.m., Special Agent Chronister and Task Force Officer Pippin conducted a post-Miranda interview of Malcolm Dewayne Alexander. During the interview, Alexander stated that he helped Forbes make the connection to purchase the meth in Greenville. When asked how much meth, Alexander stated that “the report” says ten pounds. He would not give an amount other than that. Alexander was also asked if any money was exchanged for the meth. He advised there was not.

Alexander stated that a price for the meth was not agreed upon and it was just given to them without a price. Alexander did advise, however, that he paid $22,000 on his debt of $25,000 before he was able to obtain the meth.. and that his debt didn’t have anything to do with the purchase of the meth he was stopped with the previous day.

Forbes was charges with two counts of possession with intent to distribute more than 500 grams of a mixture or substance containing a detectable amount of methamphetamine. On October 6, 2021, Forbes pleaded guilty to one count of the above. Forbes was sentenced to ten years in prison, to be followed by five years of supervised release. Three weeks prior, Alexander pleaded to the same sentence.

In early-2014, Forbes was sentenced to 75 months imprisonment, to be followed by five years and three years of concurrent supervised release, for conspiracy to distribute meth and conspiracy to launder monetary instruments.

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  1. I got pulled over for my tint. My gun was in the glovebox. I told the cop he had to get the insurance and registration because of the gun. He freaked out screaming at me pulled his gun out yelling to keep my hands on the wheel. I had just got back from a combat deployment and the ass hole after asked me why I was nervous. Had dogs come out. They got a “hit” and there was nothing in the car and never was. Brand new car. They said someone who owned it before me must have smoked something in it although I was the only owner. These dumbasses deserve it but sometimes cops do take it overboard

  2. "I'm sorry officer, no offense to you or your profession, but I don't answer questions that are unrelated to the traffic infraction I was originally stopped for." That's all you have to say, you don't answer their damn questions! You're not going to talk yourself out of a ticket or into one if you don't say anything.

  3. I'm sorry, but police should not have the ability to invade someone's freedom based on a subjective feeling of nervousness. They could literally say everyone is nervous and search their stuff. End this tyrannical police state bs

  4. That guy was ten more "this is a dream/joke" away from having Ashton Kutcher pop out of a blacked-out van to let him know that he was on the new season of Punk'D. He'd be even more pissed off to know that if he had said: "This is racial profiling" just two more times that the cops would've had to let him go no questions asked.

  5. something I've learned from this channel. don't run anything through Arkansas. also why don't criminals come up with a story that matches. lol no planning at all. " hey if we get pulled over, this is where we are coming from and this is where we are going"

  6. They literally did everything they could to get caught. Lol. Rental car in someone else’s name, tailgating, being incredibly nervous, give out too much information. These people are fucking terrible drug dealers. Lol

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