“I’m famous, yo!” Complete Arrest of Migos Rapper Offset

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In this Real World Police exclusive, we take a trip back to July 23, 2018 and join officers from the Clayton County Police Department who have just stopped a 2014 Porsche 911. Its occupants: Migos rapper Offset and his bodyguard Senay Gezahgn. It would later emerge that also occupying the car were three guns, a small amount of weed, and more than $107,000 cash*.

*Trouncing Lil’ Pump’s arrest. See http://tiny.cc/itsallones

The incident report by Clayton County PD is an interesting read. Its first few pages are unremarkable, containing general information about the stop: who, what, when, where, etc. There are also two officer narratives, each providing a broad account of the events seen in this and other videos.

But then we get to page five (spelling errors in the original):

“On 07/20/18 I was contacted by ATF Special Agent Dorman regarding two vehicles that they had under surveillance. ATF asked that if the officers were able to get probable cause on the vehicles, could we pull over the vehicles and identify everyone in the vehicles.

I observed the Offender #1’s vehicle (2014 Porsche) Traveling northbound on Tara Blvd. in the left-hand lane, when it failed to maintain its lane by crossing the solid yellow line on the left-hand side of the roadway. I also observed that the window tint on the vehicle appeared to this officer to be under the legal limit as well. I activated my emergency equipment and conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle, vehicle pulled into Texaco gas station.

Officers exited my patrol vehicle and could immediately smelled the odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle. I approached the driver side of the vehicle, while Officer Berry approached the passenger side of the vehicle. I advised Offender #1 who I was and requested his driver license. Offender #1 advised at that time that he refused to provided me with his driver license, and asked me did I know who he was. I asked again Offender #1 for his driver license, and that I did not know who he was and to please provide me with his driver license, again he refused…

…Once Offender #1 provided his driver license I started advising him the reason for the traffic stop. I first advised Offender #1 about his window tint possibly being too dark. Offender #1 at this time became angry and started complaining about not wanting points on his driver license. At this point I decided to deal with the odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle and discuss the lane violation after I had removed Offender #1 from the vehicle, hoping that after a few minutes he would calm down so we could discuss it.

At this point I had Offender #1 step out of the vehicle (Offender was patted down for weapons) and to the front of my patrol vehicle, but before I did I asked Offender #1 if there was any firearms in the vehicle. Offender #1 just turned his head sideways and gave me a funny look. I advised him that I asked everyone but he did not give me an answer. Once at the front of my patrol vehicle I advised Offender #1 about the odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle and advised him that it would be searched. As I started to walk to the vehicle I heard Offender #1 say that there was a firearm underneath his seat driver seat. A Taurus Judge pistol was located underneath Offender #1’s seat fully loaded. Also on the driver side of the vehicle I located marijuana on the floor board. While continuing the search I located another firearm (Glock 19 pistol) in the glove box fully loaded.

During my investigation Offender #1’s criminal history was run, I found that Offender #1 was a convicted felon (09/17/12 for Theft by Receiving stolen property out of Dekalb County). Offender at this time was placed into handcuffs and advised he was under arrest. Offender #1 was placed into the rear seat of my assigned patrol vehicle. Offender #1’s vehicle was impounded by Tara Wrecker service. Before the vehicle was placed onto the wrecker the window tint was measured, 35%.”

Charges against Offset and his bodyguard were unceremoniously dropped at the behest of the feds, allegedly due to a much larger ongoing investigation. Prosecutors stated that continuing the case “would alert other potential future parties to the investigation and evidence that may support federal charges against said parties.”


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40 thoughts on ““I’m famous, yo!” Complete Arrest of Migos Rapper Offset

  1. Notice how the one black guy was putting down the black police officer. It links to this mindset of if your black your just oppressed you can’t do anything. That’s a big problem right there. The second somone wants better they got people calling them sellouts or uncle toms offset and his boy are stuck in this victim mindset! I have not respect for this rapper offset they both act like little children who need a dads discipline.

  2. Is it legal for them to pull him over with no actual reason besides being asked by the DA. Also they say they’re going to give him a tint ticket but then arrest him. Why didn’t they give him a citation for tint then let him go. Nope the pronged until they could search his car

  3. such double standards, cops hoped he didnt know his rights.. "dont needa tell you why we pulled you over, need your id" then when lawyer gets on the phone, cops starts saying "i did tell you why we pulled you over" LOOL cops needa stop acting like some cartel force. which human wont wanna know why they being pulled over before needing to show id?? even the cop if he was off duty and got pulled over would demand to know why he was being pulled over before anything else.. and i bet if that was the case, first thing cop woulda said would be "why am i being pulled over? im a cop." tho offset claiming he famous is stupid cuz whether you are famous or not doesnt make a difference lol.

  4. After watching this video a few times i can honestly say this was a targeted hit on Offset. I can guarantee at some point through most likely informants they got info that you guys had firearms in the vehicles and they know when they get a rapper on something like this they get paid period. This is policing for profit people. Wake up and realize it! Nothing about this stop was random.

  5. Funny cops saying "Its a simple tint stop" but if you pay attention to the video when the officer goes to the trunk their is a plain clothes officers standing back their with another officer and he points at the passenger and states "Did we find out if he has warrants yet" and then he states " At some point i would like to get a interview with him" this plain clothes officer is most likely some sort of gang task force or narcotics task force or both and the marked unit who pulled them over was most likely requested to do so because they had either info they were drug dealers or they simply suspected they were but either way this defiantly wasn't some stupid routine traffic stop for tinted windows haha. Its sad because this case probably didn't amount to shit and this case was probably thrown out or reduced down throughout the court proceedings but look at how much tax dollars is wasted and how much time this took away from our court rooms and public buildings operations all for what? Some black male in a fancy sports car riding through a bad section of town? Lets really ask what is this saving or preventing? Huh?

  6. It is so funny, cop walks up and says its a simple window tint traffic stop everything is cool haha, this was not a window tint stop this was profiling at its finest, the lawful reason you stopped him was "Window Tint" but we all know this was much much deeper. And this is why I dislike the modern day police force because its all a bunch of tyrants running around profiling individuals and finding anything lil thing they can pull them over for in hope their suspicions were right and they find something more inside the vehicle or warrants. But its not right, if this was a window tint violation and thats "ALL" then why didn't you take his license and write him a ticket and let him go freely on his way huh? WELL we all know the answer to that question because it wasn't. This sort of policing isn't right and it violates our rights as citizens and more people need to wake up and smell the fucking coffee and realize it. This officer had no reason to ask him anything that did not pertain to the traffic stop at hand or the violation at hand. You pulled him for tint correct? so why ask him anything else? Why pull them out why do anything else other than issue him is tint citation and move on. Well i can answer that question for everyone because this is modern day policing where cops think they are the judge, jury and detectives all in one. They think its their job to profile and seek out those who are not currently breaking the law but could be or recently did, there for making all cops tyrants just running around looking for shit to book you on to keep these jails and prisons full to capacity at all times because thats how this system works and profits. I honestly believe this system is broken and needs major repair. I cannot grasp it and if another person sits here and says "Well this is proactive policing" i will throw up on myself out of anger and sickness because how could you be so ignorant! and think such a thing. Cops are paid by our tax dollar to serve us as police officers, their job is to enforce law and arrest those who break the law but somewhere along the line throughout history that job title was blurred due to higher ups screaming "We need to do more cadets" we need to seek out those with drugs or weapons, do whatever it takes to inside those cars of suspicious persons, if you patrol bad crime areas and see someone who fits the suspicious criteria them find a reason to pull them over and then find a reason to search them and their vehicle and find whatever you can cadets. Thats whats being said and thats why officers do what they do today. This war on drugs has changed everything and cops run around here doing whatever they want whenever they want with full immunity if they fuck up simply because our system is flawed and fucked up in so many ways its not even funny. This was not a tint traffic stop, this was a targeted black man, this man was profiled by these officers and it just so happen to be a huge upside for the officers they were able to lawfully pull them over for something so they could then say those magical words afterwards which is "We smell POT" haha. Come on this shit is getting old. And one day soon we the citizens will get our rights back as US citizens and the cops will loose this immunity and the tyrants will loose their jobs and the system will be changed and revamped so we can live without this tyrannical behavior.

  7. This cop escalated situation by not telling him why he was being pulled over because the cop does not have the right to ask for your ID even while driving unless he has a specific reason for why he pulled you over right off the bat the cop made the situation awkward

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