I’m a school teacher, a bus driver, and an elected official and you ARREST ME?!

Note: A two-hour long version of this incident, edited down from nearly 3.5 hours, is available on Patreon. Yes, that means I had to watch this for nearly four hours. You’re welcome 😛

Straight from the officer’s narrative:

“On 6/12/19 at approximately 8:10 PM, Officer J. Ahrends and I were dispatched to an accident at the intersection of Highway 62 and Butler Road. The accident was a two vehicle accident involving a 16 YOA male. When I asked the male for insurance, he stated that his mother had it and was on her way. At approximately 8:50 PM, the male’s mother arrived on scene driving a small silver passenger car.

I made contact with the mother, Jenkins, Andrea, and inquired about the insurance. When she began talking I could smell a strong odor of intoxicants. I asked if she drove to the accident, she stated that she did. I asked her how much she had to drink. She stated that she had two glasses of wine. I released all parties from the accident and had Jenkins perform Standardized Field Sobriety Tests. Jenkins performed the test consistent with that of an intoxicated person. When asked to place her hands behind her back, she pulled away and began yelling for her family to record the incident. I advised her that the incident was being recorded on my body worn camera. Jenkins began cursing and yelling, saying that she had only driven there for her son. She was placed in handcuffs (double locked) and in the back of my patrol vehicle.

On the way to the jail she yelled over and over that she did have three glasses of wine and drove to the scene of the accident, only because of her son. At the jail, I read to her the Arkansas DWI statement of rights. She agreed to take the Intox EC/IR II requested of her. The final result, at 10:29 PM, showed Jenkins to have a blood alcohol concentration of .17. She was read and explained the drivers license receipt form, which she signed and a copy placed in her file. It should be noted that Jenkins cursed and yelled for a majority of the time. Often times she interrupted me during the field sobriety tests and rights form. She told me multiple times that she was a teacher, school bus driver, and justice of the peace and I could have let her go. She was turned over to jail staff to be booked on the above charge.”

That’s putting it mildly.

Hey, did you know that she is a teacher and a bus driver. And she is only there because her son got in a wreck? Just checking.


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27 thoughts on “I’m a school teacher, a bus driver, and an elected official and you ARREST ME?!

  1. Can almost guarantee she would tell someone else that if they’d just “cooperate and listen to the officers commands” they’d be fine 🤣! They always say this until it’s them. Screaming record this as if she’s being manhandled or something. Even attempting to use privilege to be above the law. Girl go to hell 😌🤌🏾

  2. To be honest I feel like it was both the cop and the mom's fault that she got arrested. The reason why is because she was the one of decided to drive over there drunk risking other people's lives and the cop escalated the situation a bit too much. But we only know the story of the mom, for all we know the cop could've just lost a love one and just didn't feel like giving anyone slack or something. And to be honest I'm a bit biased because I know cops get a bad rap all the time. For all I know he just was a bad person and wanted to get her in jail for a bit just because he wanted to feel like he had power.

  3. not very smart teacher, ..driving drunk Now her students will see what a great role model she is.
    she could of found someone to take her, if she so important
    it is ''so fuking public'' now..and you still a drunk driver. cop is right

  4. What a spectacular cop !!
    24 years old and as good as it gets . Calm with all the right answers, and politely, but firmly, controls the situation, even with all the abuse, false accusations and lies. Well done young bloke 😊

  5. ok so this comment does not scare anybody i don't drive ever because i have a condition where i can fall asleep at any time, that said i totally see where she's coming from! i can understand getting to your child when they have been in an accident as serious as this. now i also feel she could have tried harder to find a driver but i was not there. i am seeing an increase of officials turning on each other so it's just a matter of time. i feel im living in a world rigged to explode lol. seriously i felt sad for the woman, she is somebodies mother and a mother will do anything to get to her children to protect them! and if she is an elected official could she have called the police and be taken there in a hurry? that is my question! it seems all the people involved know one another. i was not there so, I do feel sad for this person and it is an unfortunate conflict in how we are supposed to behave. it is interesting how her son was in an accident but she got a D.W.I. I HOPE HER LIFE IS DOING BETTER NOW..

  6. This reminds me of a little incident happened where I live :
    Last year we were obligated to wear face masks due to coronavirus.. You'll get arrested if you're not wearing a mask.. My cousin got arrested he's a minor.. They called his father to come and pay the fine. And my uncle went to the police station without a face mask 😀

  7. kid: gets into car wreck
    mom: is drunk "i mUsT gO To HiM aND CauSE anOtHer aCciDenT CuZ iM dRuNK!!!"
    cop: "did u drive here drunk?"
    mom: "CalL tHe ShERiFf!!! i kNoW HiM!!!"
    should have called an uber, dummy.

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