If Cops Aren’t Doing Anything Wrong, My Camera Can Only Prove They Did Nothing Wrong

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37 thoughts on “If Cops Aren’t Doing Anything Wrong, My Camera Can Only Prove They Did Nothing Wrong

  1. I pray in the name of Jesus that this man's life will be better, I pray that he will find Jesus and that he will have joy and love and enjoyment in life and that he will have eternal life in the kingdom of God, I pray that he will have very much joy and that he will live in a good home and would have a good family in the future.

  2. This makes me feel emotional for some reason. When he said he just wants to die and does not care 🙁 like he has given up on life, on everything then reminds me when I feel like this sometimes. I have more than he probably has, but sometimes life is just hard and tiring. Still you go on everyday and put a brave face.

  3. Love the part that 3 female cops are struggling to prevent the man from harming himself whilst a well built male cop just stands behind them and watches, instead of you know… Helping…. What the fuck.

  4. I love how people call them heroes for talking a rich girl out of jumping from a bridge after her breakup, but this is how much they truly care about actually troubled people. zero fucks given, cold face, steady hand, and off to the station we go

  5. So my question about this is would this have happened and escalated with this guy if they hadn’t harassed him about “I believe you have warrants“. Like yeah they didn’t beat him up he flipped out because he obviously has something going on with him, but if they didn’t cost people on the streets because they have a hunch someone has a warrant, then this guy might’ve went on about his day.

    That’s just my concern with this, and I couldn’t really hear what the officers were saying so I can’t really make a judgment about where that line was and if it was crossed. But the question still remains, if they hadn’t walked up to the guy did talk to him about his warrants would he have freaked out like this.

    Regardless of whether or not he did some thing, because that’s not what I’m talking about. To get your name to be able to run your name for warrants, the opposites need to be able to get your name in the first place legally, so whether or not someone did something and has warrants doesn’t really matter because they need a lawful reason to get the persons name to run them for warrants in the first place.

  6. 2:02 Dat ass tho. Also, respect to the officer that put his hand under his head trying to stop him from slapping it on the ground even though he is covered in blood, and we all know how police react to blood.

  7. This is sad. This guy was obviously on the edge and then the police subject him to trauma by kidnapping him and eliciting fear mechanisms. Why not "recognize" a doctor or an engineer coming back from work, someone with a comfortable cushy life who can bounce back from this. This will only add to this guy's trauma to the point where…as we see in the video…he's trying to kill himself because he sees it as preferable to going to being kidnapped and going to a trauma prison (i e. Jail/correctional facility)

  8. This is the kind of life that capatilism breeds, people aren't able to survive unless they work their life away, and without work they struggle and resort to robbery to get money and drugs and alcohol to help take the pain away

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