ID REFUSAL – If The Police Get Called You Have To Give ID

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James Freeman does first amendment audits, cop watching, cop blocking, and more. Since Live PD and Cops was cancelled, James Freeman does LIVE STREAMING COP WATCHES. It’s like Live PD, except actually live, and without the “cops can do no wrong” bias.

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48 thoughts on “ID REFUSAL – If The Police Get Called You Have To Give ID

  1. They are both very dangerous but one know the law and one is munpulating the law trying to flex there so called power they have convened themselves they think they have and the other one just brakes the law as needed or tries to stomp on our rights the one that that offer swore a oath to. I really think that there should be a serious consequences if they do not honor the oath they take to be trusted in that position by the people.

  2. Call me ignorant, what is the gain or intended purpose of the LEO to ask if the auditor has identification, when he plainly stated that the auditor was well within his Rights?

  3. As an outsider looking in, another problem I see with policing in America, is that there are too many judiciary's.
    According to Wikipedia, "there are 17,985 different US police agences."
    Every town, city and municipality has its own police force, this naturally brings about differences in training, standards, procedures and expectations.
    A better model is Australia, where they only have a Federal police force, your FBI, and State police.
    One police force across a State would standardise policing bring it more under the control of State legislators and ironically reduce the cost to tax payers.

    I have real trouble getting my head around that, 18 thousand!!!

  4. So much of American culture revolves around value for tax dollars.
    There needs to be a publicly accessible, national database that record's every in court and out of court settlement for police misconduct. This should also include legal cost.
    If people see how much police misconduct is costing them they would demand change.
    If you want to politicise the issue, set up a local Time Square style Debit Clock to show tax payers the hidden/true cost of policing in their area.

  5. To see how modern policing is conducted in New Zealand, check out any episode of "Police Ten 7", Highway Cops NZ, "Motorway Patrol NZ" or "New Zealand Police" on YouTube.
    One thing to consider when watching any of these video's…..
    "Don't confuse kindness for weakness."

  6. Well any situation can always be made worse by calling cops, but some of these people calling the cops are maybe even worse depending how many lies they tell dispatch. Some people (Karens/Darrens) tell dispatch overly exaggerated lies to get the cops there fast. SWATTING gets people held at gunpoint, injured/ killed!
    Hard call on that one! 🌻💜🌻

  7. When we are wrong, they expect us to surrender… if they would do the same it would be much better. They can ask for anything they want, but when /if someone refuses, that should be the end of it. Real shit, of they don't, we should then have the right to use force to secure our freedom. 💯

  8. W0men were given the rights of a man by the rulers
    Not because they care about w0men
    Because giving w0mens rights , leads to the mess we’re living in now
    And will only get worse, until men are given their rightful authority under God and over w0men

  9. Something tells me his first name "J" is Jackoff! And going off his willingness to violate an innocent person's Rights through the lies he telling, Officer Jackoff Hand is a piece of shit.

  10. Another pig that needs to be retrained. If you're a cop and you're reading this there's not one state where you have to give up ID just because you got called to service…

  11. Sure, he did try to violate rights by demanding an ID when he didn't have the right to. Though, he always has the right to ask for an ID, he didn't push it further than that. Moreover, he spoke to the idiots and settled them. While he may have initially done something stupid, he should probably be appreciated for being between a rock and a hard place. That is, he's part of the gang that is the police force, and his boss probably pushes him to push for ID. In the end, he found good reason not to bother doing more than making the initial request, and then he shut up the moron who doesn't understand the freedom of the press. He may have been, "the guy with a gun," but this particular officer ended up doing the right thing. He deserves that respect, even if the bar for that is set so low.

  12. "as far as I'M concerned"

    They don't have the ability to overcome their ego to just say "as far as the constitution is concerned".

    It's seems they're even worse when they are less than 5'9" tall.

  13. People that call and ask are essentially the problem I believe. They are ignorant and aggressive enough to become the tyrant police we have such a problem with these days. Without them, I think our cops would be a bit more normal. Calling pigs on strangers who are not an immediate threat to the physical safety of PEOPLE or private property, is UNAMERICAN.

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