I will NOT Infringe. Will you? Now is a time when trust could be made or broken on 2a issues. The decision may not be just “theory” any longer but where rubber meets the road. Let’s talk about it.

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36 thoughts on “I Will NOT INFRINGE

  1. They've already shot and killed one guy trying to confiscate his guns under that bullshit "Red Flag" law!! I took an oath and that oath didn't end when I was discharged. MOLON LABE!! I just don't understand how gun laws can be passed that overnight makes law-abiding citizens criminals! It's BULLSHIT!! Criminals don't follow the law what makes these morons think that they'll follow new gun legislation???

  2. I guess if home invasion they could just throw furniture at them, I pray that who ever bans guns that are in government that they could not have armed guards around them,,,,,sounds like they are full of crack……idiots vote in idiots…..

  3. Controversial Opinion: Violence against women is not different than violence against men. Neither one deserves to be physically harmed unless in self-defense. More on topic: It's almost like governments don't like to give up power. Instead, governments seek more.

  4. Would you confiscate "illegal arms" from citizens such as automatics, SBRs, and silenced weapons without the proper ATF paperwork? What about people carrying without a license? The constitution implies a freedom to not only keep, but bear arms, and licensing restrictions and feature bans are techincally an infringement. Just curious to see where the line is for you.

  5. This is where you gotta ask yourself. Is the Constitution and Bill of Rights worth your life? Whether that's jail time or your actual physical life?

    Lawmakers like that aren't counting on law abiding citizens to retaliate. They expect them to fold and consent.

    So, if you have any of the banned firearms and you get that fine, do you not pay and risk jail time? Or if you get that knock saying "Give us your guns" and you say no and they say "Then we will take you and them by force."

    Is it worth it enough to you to defend those rights with your life? Or will you fold?

    I'm not a violent person, and this isn't even about just the 2nd amendment either. If you fold then that tells them "Hey, we got away with this and people folded with little to no retaliation, now we can start changing other things now that our citizens are disarmed."

    Hopefully it will never ever have to come to that, and that this can be resolved with stronger counter legislation. But you have to ask yourself that "what if" question on if all that failed, and it came down to it, what would you do?

  6. Knock knock knock
    Me: opens door l, Oh hey Mike the Cop hoes it going to day?
    MtC: Hey Drew so I know you saw that bill pass and we have to come around and get your guns. Really sorry about doing this.
    Me: Well MtC, funny thing I went fishing yesterday with a buddy of mine out on Lake St. Clair. I decided to multitask and took my guns with me to clean while fishing. Dang boat sunk. Can you believe my luck?
    MtC: wow that really sucks. How was the fishing before his boat went under?
    Me: well we were doing pretty good.
    Mtc: well glad you guys are safe. Got to get going. Have a nice day.

  7. Mike, love the videos and content you release. Keep it up! I'm currently going through the selection process for Illinois State Troopers while currently holding a position as a property manager in Chicago. I have a few LEO friends and a buddy that just made SWAT and after some long talks they thought I would be a great fit so I'm giving it a shot.

    BTW: I'm from the suburbs and work in downtown Chicago. I shoot precision rifle competitions, IDPA, reload ammo, build my own custom rifles, etc.. you get the picture. I'm certainly the odd ball here in the windy city. Deerfield is a group of concerned soccer moms that are removed from reality. Violence in Chicago is primarily gang violence. Where I currently live there are weekly shootings in the middle of the night, that are never reported simply because it's gang violence. Most LEO in Chicago have common sense and support the 2nd amendment, because they recognize that they cannot be everywhere at once.

  8. the debate you are about to see is a civil war …. very soon …so who you going to be with a paycheck or the people …..big question for good cops like you… the net will not make money for much longer got some building or other skills besides being a cop????

  9. here is how they did this,,,,the 2nd amendment has been reduced to a privilege like driving,,, it is no longer a right but now they call it a privilege.. the 2nd is gone as soon as you need to ask permission for a right… it is gone so toss down your badge and gun right now it has already happened the 2nd is gone …

  10. mike we got your back in st clair co michigan…. and so do all our guys …if it ever gets bad we will take you into our home and back you up… you will never need to sleep with no bed or pillow .. we want and need you brother .. oxox

  11. I too am a supporter of the 10th Amendment but to an extent. Should a state pass a law and enforce a law banning "assault rifles" and mags holding more than 10 rounds? The answer is no. In doing so violates the 2nd & 14th Amendment. Another one is carry permits not being reconized from one state to another. Didn't know that my 2nd Amendment rights have border lines. It is laws like these police should not enforce upon a law abiding citizen.

  12. The highlighted sentence was not “increase public safety”, but “increase the public’s sense of safety.” As a former LEO, I focused was on reality, not someone’s feelings. I don’t agree with random checks. You either check everybody, which goes against our constitution and our “sense” of freedom and privacy, or check those with probable cause. Arguments on probable cause can and should be debated, but if feel the need to search based on something, I’m doing so for public safety, not a need to give myself more work. Not because I dislike somebody. I personally, never used search as a punishment.

  13. I carry a fixed blade knife in lieu of a firearm since I refuse to give the state of IL any money to have the legal ability to exercise my Second Amendment Rights in regards to a firearm, especially as a Veteran. Do not forget either, the 2nd Amendment says we have the right to bear arms. It is not specific to firearms. So if you are like me and refuse to pay a hostage fee to exercise your rights I suggest carrying a legal knife. I was in Walmart with my wife a few weeks ago and had a woman come up to me asking me if the knife on my belt was indeed a knife. I said yes and her face went into 'Near Ultimate Disgust Mode' and she tells me that I shouldn't carry it because I 'might make some people nervous'. I told her that the only people that should be nervous about me carrying a knife are the people that intend to do harm to my wife or I. For all you other people out there that think that disarming the populace is the key to making Americans safer you are greatly mistaken. In a situation where a weapon must be used for self defense people cannot rely on the Police. I don't say this because I do not support the police but because it is impossible for police to be everywhere all the time. The last I checked, in the state of IL where I live, average police response time is between 4 and 8 minutes. By the time to police arrive the incident will have been over. I also happen to live in a suburb roughly 20-30 minutes from the South Side of Chicago. Crime has a way of acting like a flood. It tends to spill over into the surrounding areas.

  14. WOW, welcome to the fight…If you REALLY want to know HOW THIS HAPPENS. Read the NAKED COMMUNIST. If this wakes you up, continue your knowledge by reading DUPES by Paul Kangor. Thank you for your channel. Please, I am also asking your underpaid producer to read and learn. I am EXTREMELY interested in your thoughts after reading THE NAKED COMMUNIST.

  15. shouldn't hit people period but once someone starts hitting on me im splitin their wig man or woman not sorry wanna act like a man fine cuz if you can dish it out then you can take the recorce of it

  16. I feel like some social media and other platforms are restricting content to give people a skewed view of 2nd amendment views (in favor of anti 2nd amendment views.) Can you say demonetized?

  17. In the same way that an armed robber doesn't deserve to die for pointing a gun at someone, but they forfeit it by showing a disregard for anothers wellbeing and life, a law enforcement officer who tries to infringe upon my rights does not deserve to die, but they also forfeit their right to live the moment they demonstrate a willful disregard for my life and rights.

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