I get a brief history lesson about law enforcement in LA

I nice man, who lives in an apartment near where the last stop was, asked me what I was doing, and welcomed my answer, and told me of his history with police/sheriff in the 60s. I kind of feel like not much has changed: the gov’t still makes a point to get black and latino kids in the system.
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Skirts on the Beat with LaurasharkCW & Ida Foxy queen (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxwr76XajtWE7WZarFawaUA), the first and only female cop watch team

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39 thoughts on “I get a brief history lesson about law enforcement in LA

  1. Watch 'The 13th'… it's a documentary on Netflix. Will tell you everything you need to know, really:
    Basically, the 13th Amendment outlawed slavery in the US. EXCEPT if you're a prisoner. So how do you keep legal, and CONSTITUTIONAL enslavement of blacks? Put them in prison.
    Enter Jim Crow. Enter "Black Codes" from the south. Enter "War on Drugs." Problem solved.. blacks remain slaves. Legally. And the police are all too happy to help.

  2. I got home from my 2 years in the Army in 1974. Tried hitching home (to N. Redondo Beach) right in front of the Sepulveda tunnel just outside LAX. Was standing in the painted lines because there were palm trees blocking drivers from being able to see me, and I got a ticket for hitch-hiking in the street, basically the same infraction as J-walking. I got arrested on a bench warrant like three or four years later. No way was I going to pay it, and I never did. I opted for two nights in the Lomita Sheriff's sub-station to pay my $75 fine. I guess the ticket would've been like $15 bucks back then. Whatever. I was OK with the penalty.

    Before that arrest happened, one of my Army buddies came home. He lived in Inglewood and happened to be black. We got rousted every single time he ever came over to the South Bay to go to a party or a concert at the beach, whatever, and every time it was the same thing. They didn't even try to hide their racism. They would say to our faces that they are always suspicious of a "salt & pepper" team driving around. Lord, if I only knew then what I know now. I live way out in the country now. Wouldn't surprise me a bit if I was traveling with a black friend if the same kinds of things happened, but I have literally never seen a cop come down my dirt road. We bought wisely, where we can see 'em coming for more than 1/2 a mile away. Ain't gonna be no harassin' goin' on out'chere, ain't gonna be no gun confiscations or no-knock warrants waking us up early in the mornin'. I had to leave SoCal because I can't live on my knees under the thumb of those tyrant swine. Cops down here can be tyrant thugs too, but they know better than to wake up free men and women who all know this far out that a knock or waking noise at 3:00 in the morning ain't never a good thing, and they'll catch a full mag from an AR as easily as they'd get a greeting from a house full of law-abiding citizens. Manhattan Beach had the most racist cop-shop back in the day, but Hermosa and Torrance and Redondo were about tied for a close second. Most of these videos don't convince me that all that much has changed. Still love your videos though. At least I catch glimpses of home even if it's while watching people get their rights violated. Glad to see/hear that one guy actually thank you in this one. Doesn't seem like I see that very often.

  3. Laura Shark one of the things that I really respect about you is that you take the time to put together a quality video. It shows in the quality of your work. Plus you are a sincere and genuine person. I have so much respect for you. LauraSharkCW you are a fascinating woman.

  4. MMm Hmm. Still goes on.

    I really do not see how ANY Black man, or woman (but mostly man), can be on the side of these dirty cops (and anyone who spends his day taking down others, threatening people based on color of skin) is dirty.., filthy, disgusting.

    Stay on them, :LS.

  5. That's some funny shit right there. Look its the Shark let's get the hell out of here, tuck them tells between them legs heads down and run. Babe no way they want to chat with you keep up the good work.

  6. Lol I got a new puppy that acts like that she knows when she’s done wrong hilarious the way that totally reminded me of a DOG but there 🐷 weird how that worked👋👋👍👍🌹🌹KEEPONKEEPINON

  7. I have been watching Laura and other CW channels for years now. I was pulled over by the cops for the first time in 20 years tonight for not having my lights on. I almost shit myself I was so nervous! I remember Laura saying "I'm not afraid of you". I calmed down and received a warning. Whew! Keep up the good work Laura!

  8. WOW! Just wow. Stuff like this doesn’t happen in the Middle East. 🤦🏻‍♀️Never ever would a officer even think of stopping someone and start taking pics of them. It’s so sad how our rights are being stripped away from us.

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