“I completely forgot about that Molly!”

From the incident report: “On October 21, 2019 at approximately 10:47 hours, Lower Township Patrolman Danze conducted a motor vehicle stop on Bayshore Road by Miami Avenue in the Villas, New Jersey. Upon approach to the vehicle Ptlm. Danze made contact with the driver/defendant Breanna Gara and the passenger Matthew Britton. Ms. Gara appeared nervous and her hand was shaking. Mr. Britton appeared to be under the influence of C.D.S. During questioning, Ms. Gara gave inconsistent answers and continued to act nervous. During further investigation, Ms. Gara admitted to having hypodermic syringes inside the vehicle . Ptlm. Danze retrieved the syringes located inside the center console. Some of the syringes appeared to contain a liquid believed to be C.D.S. Also located in the center console were several small plastic containers with C.D.S. residue. One container contained a white power substance. Ptlm. Danze continued the search of the vehicle and located a green bag in the rear seat containing multiple hypodermic syringes and located a plastic vial containing suspected C.D.S. in her purse. Ms. Gara was placed under arrest and searched incident to arrest. Located in her front pocket was a clear plastic bag containing suspected “Molly” (MDMA). Ms. Gara was transported and processed, and the suspected C.D.S. and paraphernalia were entered into evidence.”


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Author: rafael.nieves


36 thoughts on ““I completely forgot about that Molly!”

  1. How he Know the house n person who lives there N Girl u talk to much sounds like a bit of profiling 🙏🙏U he didn't have to lock her up she's in a tough spot make sure she gets help not in a cage Cuz knows the Fam 🙄🙄

  2. girl sucks but damn i hate cops, only time you feel like a child having to explain why you're even outside driving. Its stupid thats why most people hate cops. Plus the backward cops can find any reason to arrest you.. Thus the nervousness by most people..

  3. I was in a terrible car accident when I was 10. A lady driving me to cheer practice was high on meth and crashed at 90miles. It caused me PTSD and flashbacks from childhood SA. i spiraled into a food and drug addiction. The drugs were pills prescribed by a doctor getting paid to keep giving them to me!

    17 years ago, I lost 132lbs all on my own
    In 2 years and 11 years ago, I got clean and sober.
    I now help men and women walk through their fears and live happier, healthier lives.
    That’s the short story.

  4. Who is the officer calling at 7:50 and why? Does he not know how to do his job without asking for help?

    Also, poor girl doesn't know to keep her damn mouth shut… no probable cause to search until she mentioned needles from when she "used to use". There's being honest and then there's volunteering unnecessary information.

  5. This girl was kinda dumb but then again im sure she was nervous … BUT … being nervous and not having a story about what your doing should not be allowed to be used against people. I wish they would make it a rule that cops can not question or press people on basic traffic stops at the same time tho people need to be smarter and not open up they mouth.

  6. Ya know, all you cops out there have NO CLUE what it's like to be addict!! Addicts are born, not by choice!! It's a sickness you know nothing about. I'm 5 yrs clean and sober and still to this day think about the needle filled with dope and it takes every bit of willpower I have to not go back to it. Some people don't have that will power. That's where you good cops should come in and help. Instead of arresting an addict on the spot, give them a choice. Do they want help, if they do then find a rehab to help them, if they turn down the help, try to talk to them and understand where they are in life and what's hurting them. As cops, y'all are to protect and serve, correct?! Well, addicts are humans too, they have a soul, they have lives, children , ppl who love them. Just because they DO drugs, I'm not saying sell them, I'm saying just because they do drugs, it doesn't mean they are horrible ppl that should be locked away, it means they need help and aren't strong enough to do it on their own. So that's when y'all cops need to come in and try your hardest, to get another one clean. Sure, the paperwork might take a little longer but to see you all help some one so vulnerable to the streets is much more rewarding. God Bless you all

  7. the cops should be chasing the big dealers and cartels but that's probably a lot of work so let's chase down the young junkies that the command is happy anyway and we show service anyway, they should be ashamed it's so sad

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