He bought a car at police auction and got arrested for what was in it

The arrest and prosecution of Texas resident Randal Thompson for drugs found in a car he bought at a police auction renew allegations of police profiteering and entrapment. Please join journalists Taya Graham and Stephen Janis for this important episode of the Police Accountability Report! And please make sure to leave your questions and comments below!

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21 thoughts on “He bought a car at police auction and got arrested for what was in it

  1. The police are nothing but government run organize crime. We have over 1 million cops in this country, what would it be like if they would actually do their job? We’d probably only need about a 10th of the ones we got. What a difference it would make if they would do their job even one week of the month, get a leader a dope dealer, get one rapist rounded up off the street. Make a heckuva difference wouldnt it. ACAB 1312

  2. Be careful driving I-95 in Georgia from MM 1 to MM 67.
    You are going through the Gauntlet of South Georgia LEO's and the Revenue Ally.
    Camden County and McIntosh County have been notorious for Asset Forfeiture making money for the Counties.
    Most recently, Glynn County just enabled a new division (Hired Gun/Non Elected) police to patrol I-95 as a Revenue stream for the department.

  3. This is not about drug busts. This is about cops creating crimes so they can go to the city, county, state boards and get more money. This guy needs to get the bodycam and dashcams of e ery vehicle and officer there.

  4. So this was clearly the GI Joe cops trying to book people and make money for their local police.

    BUT when you, the YouTuber show his book and then can’t read the name of the book properly, you lost all credibility with me. Dang, how hard is it to get the story right. And maybe REVIEW your work before posting. More YT BS

  5. 3 years and 3 months after being arrested for DUI. I have still not been to trial. It took almost 2 years to get the blood test results. Then I've been on bond conditions (probation basically). For 1 year and 3 months. They thought I was on meth , because I was nervous. But no meth or alcohol in my system. But they found THC which I smoked the day before. I had to sell my car and my mobile home. Lost my job. And over 3 years later still no trial. Guilty till proven innocent in TEXAS. I moved from the state because of this. There are 27 Indicators of impairment. I had none. Passed the eye test 4 times. And still got charged. No oder of alcohol or pot. Just a ego manic DRE OFFICER.

  6. Drugs were planted in the truck..Follow the truck see who tries to purchase it next… it will be an officer maybe that mist out on the first impound auction.. this is the dumbest arrest ever since the truck was purchased from police impound.. most of the vehicles are seized from drug dealers .. I can figure out 2+2.. daaaah

  7. To mistakes they can't search your vehicle without you tell them they can without they have probable cause and also in this case they did not so if you had told him no getting to search your vehicle and the biggest mistake of all that you made and I'm sure you realize this now don't ever trust a cop they're not your friends they want to take you to jail for any reason

  8. Cops set him up. I’d even question the stop altogether. NeverMind 4 searches and nothing was found until magically the 4th search. And the prosecutor still pushes it forward. Absolutely disgusting

  9. He's got a book out that paints the police in a bad light.

    How was this important fact buried in the story.

    He was being targeted by a corrupt system. The fact that they are making money is secondary in this story. He was being set up by multiple agencies as retaliation for his sin of writing a book that is not fawning all over the police.

    Retaliation AND monetization. This story isn't primarily about the money y'all. Look at this with a fresh set of eyes please.
    Their set up is blatant to mine.

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