36 thoughts on “Happy thanksgiving from deputy Atkins and fam! #thanksgiving #firstamendment

  1. Reminds me of the knucklehead cop that was bragging on himself with a big smile during a TV interview that ended up later grabbing/roughing up auditor Laura Shark for recording from a "public sidewalk" a person being loaded onto an ambulance. Cop claimed she was violating "HIPAA" rights of the injured person for recording them and got physical when Laura Shark stated HIPAA did not apply to her, but medical personnel instead and refused to move while continuing to record. She was briefly handcuffed and initially threatened to be taken to jail while visibly upset. Nothing happened to the cop for his actions.

  2. 1 Deputy, 2 faces. Both faces are of a self centered, self serving narcissist.
    The public would be very grateful if this amateur wasn’t getting paid, supported & protected with taxpayer dollars.

  3. In 1949 after WWII, because of the shame of what they did, Germany made a new constitution where all law enforcement officers, and guards highly respected human especially during arrests, in jails, and prisons. There is no solitary confinement allowed and people are allowed their own cloths, cell cell and telephone etc. Guards and police have two years training including German civil rights laws and social work training for police & prison guards. Abusive cops are dismissed and prosecuted.

    The degree of our American civilization and liberty can be judged by how our law enforcement officers, courts and, guards treat citizens with human dignity.

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