32 thoughts on “glad this cop has his priorities straight. I feel protected and served.

  1. There was one time this lady staring at a light post and I didn’t know what to do so I flag down a cup and I told him he just drove right on past her and kept going down the road he was like fuck that I don’t work with Demonic shit

  2. What LAPD did was 100% NOT a dereliction of duty. They were on a different transition on fwy and there is no way for that police unit to be next to whatever was a blaze. So with that said we should every once in a while we need to admit we were wrong in a call out and eat some humble pie.

  3. It is all about priorities. Possible flaming car crash with victims needing immediate attention? Or get over to Krispy Kreme for the fresh hot donuts? Explain to me again how police make us safer….😂😂😁😁

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