Giants Owner John Mara Explains Why Signing Colin Kaepernick Would Be Bad For Business

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40 thoughts on “Giants Owner John Mara Explains Why Signing Colin Kaepernick Would Be Bad For Business

  1. The thing with the kicker barely made news so not a lot of people knew about it. Everyone knows about kap so signing him would upset a lot of fans

  2. is this black guy that stupid? all Mara did was tell people what the fans were telling him, so that makes Mara a donkey?

  3. Talent outweighs everything. Had Colin thrown for 50 TDS and 5000 yards he'd have a job today. He did nothing wrong in his protest imo, it's his right as an American citizen to do so, but that being said people have a right to be offended. The protest was very polarizing and if I sign you i take that on. Your talent level MUST be higher than the baggage and distractions you bring. In the case of Colin unfortunately his talent level was not and is not high enough.

  4. Charlemagne The Racist! you have really got to get over this Racist thing, its just sad, I mean You enjoy making money from it , rather then solve the problem , you rather bring it in the spot light draw attention to it in a negative way , get more views, IE make money from Racism, but then again goes perfect with the Break Fast Club Agenda, "who can i deem to be racist today" lol pretty sad. Aside from that, if your someone whose in the media, and who does something that's going to draw attention to themselves, that in turn affects your profit in a negative way , and has your market that essentially is responsible for your Profits saying " we dont like this" You'd make the same choices, because its good for business, B/C Dumbasses like you dont get the reality of the world, instead you make up your own Bullshit, and try to feed it to others.

  5. It's clearly collusion by the NFL. Who doesn't sign a guy that's capable of being a starter? We always hear about depth in the NFL. I will seriously have to consider cutting back or cutting out my NFL viewing over this. It's b/s. And I'm beyond over it.

  6. Peacefully protest police executions of black men = Blacklisted

    Molest women, mock the disabled and be a general fucktard = Elected president.

  7. NYG/NYJ have many Cops, Firemen, Retirees, Patriots who buy season tickets. That's why owner J. Mara felt comfortable going public stating why CK wouldn't be signed. OF course, when FB N. Whitlock had "Go Back To Africa" along with swatsikas on his house, vandalized in the stadium's backyard of Moonachie NJ, Owner JM was no where to be seen.

  8. You can beat the shit out of your wife as long as you love America 🙄

    I can't with these stupid fucking patriotic sheep

    Selective morality. Two words that perfectly sum up this issue

  9. Kaepernick is a garbage ass QB that was figured out by every defense from film that also overthrows his receivers. Why is this controversy? He sucks lol. I wouldn't sign him either.

  10. John Mara is smarter than any of you dimwits when it comes to business and business practices. So if he doesn't want the baggage of signing a washed up has been and everything surrounding Kapernick than so be it.👍 Donkey of the Day?!🤔 Really?! At the end of the day Kapernick is a fraud and Mara is laughing all the way to the bank.👌

  11. Nobodys an owner in the NFL for morality. Cdg should know better. Its about numbers period. So right now your job is investigative journalism not personal feelings. What kap did was piss off america. Its sad that more people care about shady ass america than child abuse or the ray rice shit but its a known fact. If i owned a team that could possibly lose money because of a player hes gone…..Players are in this for rings but to an owner its about money. Ring or not. Business is business. And btw im a die hard niners fan and love kap. That was foul morally but we aint talkin bout morals fam…..

  12. They will come to games. You will make money. Give Colin his livelihood. Mayer you got authority. You just don't want a person you can't control. Also why are his fellow players not standing up and helping him? Because it ain't them that it's happening to yet.

  13. The man can't get a job because he stood for a cause, a silent protest smh, have anyone heard the real national anthem, but I know, i know it's for the soilders who "fought for our freedom"

  14. Americans cuss the UK about soccer but all they seem to have is Racist American football racist NBA and racist golf

  15. Attention people of color stop supporting the NFL ,NBA etc. All were doing is putting money in the white peoples pockets. We need to create our own businesses and support our communities. Colin Kaepernick isn't meant to be in the NFL he's doing what God lead him to do. You can't touch blesses people.

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