Georgia’s Elections Were A Voter Suppression Horror Show

Georgia’s primary election could be a warning for what’s to come when Americans head to the polls in November.

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20 thoughts on “Georgia’s Elections Were A Voter Suppression Horror Show

  1. Nothing pisses a liberal more than when their own dirty tricks are used against them. Listening to these clowns trying to spin this to their advantage is like listening to barney explain quantum physics! They have no clue about their subject and they just look ridicules!

  2. No wonder there are riots and burnings and takeovers of government facilities such as that one of Seattle. There should be more, much more, because that is the definition of FASCISM: when people cannot vote freely is FASCISM.

  3. This is not an accident, It is Racism/White Supremacy at work. where is John Lewis? How can this happen? Where are the Democrats. Where is the FBI, The Federal government.

  4. As long as we have electronic voting machines we will never get rid of massive voter fraud. The voting system is broken. Those counting the votes can not be trusted. Those running the voting machines can not be trusted. Busing folks in and having them vote numerous times, shipping in truck loads of votes, letting illegal immigrants vote, letting dead folks vote the list goes on and on. NO ONE CAN CONSENT TO THE OUTCOME OF A RIGGED VOTING SYSTEM. If a vote can not be verified it is a void vote. The folks investigating voter fraud can not be trusted any more than any of the rest of them. This criminal organization claiming to be our government has had this system in place and rigged for decades. When will folks wake up and realize there is nothing but a bunch or rich criminals at the top. They are agents of the international and world banks. In the end banks, corporations, and institutions run this country and our sold out officials in the end do as they are told decade after decade by their masters and that ain't "We The People".
    Fraction Magic – Detail Version – VOTER FRAUD!

    Georgia would not be left out they are one of the states using the GEMS voting machine and yes Georgia's officials are selected not elected. The Electoral College are the one's who decide to use these machines instead of paper ballots. I have to wonder how many of them were paid off to make that choice. Also how many of them unlawfully hold some other government office? And on top of that Georgia has always had and been historically one of the most if not the most corrupt and crooked States and politicians/criminals in history. Your record and crimes speak for themselves.

    America’s Most Corrupt States
    1. Georgia
    > Overall grade: F (49%)
    > Public access to information: F
    > Legislative accountability: F
    > Political financing: F
    > Ethics enforcement agencies: F
    The link that showed this report from fox, no longer exsist but you may be able to find it somewhere.

  5. I spent my childhood in Indiana, which is like “Georgia-lite,” with regard to policies & racism. I spent my teens & mid twenties growing up in Los Angeles.

    I joined the military, lived in Washington state, Maryland & Japan for 12 years (3 military, 9 civilian). I traveled to 13 different nations.

    I lived in Virginia, briefly before I moved to Georgia.

    Georgia sucks! This place is controlled by poorly educated, religiously brainwashed racists.

  6. It should be clear that voting in the USA is nothing more than a religious ritual. Looks great but has no effect whatsoever. God bless America. Voting, like nearly all everyday life, is seen by the elites as a threat to national security. This isn't going backward, it's what will be going forward.

  7. This is about problems with Ga.'s state elections, so I'd say not about next November for the US Presidential elections, but maybe it may become relevant in this respect as well. What this TRNN discussion with these two young women tell us is that Revolution is needed in the USA. The discussion sounds like "war zone" stuff or material.

  8. wait did they have people standing out in big ass lines during the hurricane lmao

    I'm hurting for my home state fr, but damn yall

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