26 thoughts on “Fox News Dallas Reports Marijuana And Police Gear Found In Home Where Botham Jean Was Fatally Shot

  1. This whole disaster is bcuz they had 2 cover up, the fact they was deal'n wit each other,, he had police equipment in his house!! They never investigated dat,,, this case us a circus,, unjustified 2 the 10th power!!

  2. Amber Guyger was TOO Too horny to wait for Officer Martin Rivera (her police partner who was sexting her) went to Botham's apartment, told him to screw her, he Rebuked her in The name of Jesuit! And boom! She killed him.

  3. Charla I agree completely with most of this but the black bag, etc, most logically came from her as she was coming home. Probably dropped them in the apartment ammongst the commotion and left them where they were for evidence purposes.

    Certainly possible your version but that was my first thought when hearing about the bag and vest.

  4. she was IN his appartment, SHE had police gear on, she DID not have police grat on in the video of her calling 911, she had her uniform but not her toys, she left them in there

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