Florida Man Goes Nuts, Fires AR-15 in Downtown Orlando

Orlando, Florida — Straight from the police report at first, with minor editing for clarity:

“On January 9, 2020 at approximately 0257 hours, I, Officer J. Wilkins, was dispatched to the area of South Orange Avenue and East Pine for an armed assault emergency call. As I was driving south on Orange Avenue near Central, I saw several people running from the area. One person ran towards my marked police car and told me there was someone shooting a rifle on East Pine Street east of South Orange Avenue. I drove my car to this intersection, stopping just short of the intersection.

I exited my patrol vehicle, quickly moved around the building on the northeast corner of the intersection and I saw the suspect, later identified as Ryan Sarjoo walking west in the middle of East Pine Street between South Orange Avenue and South Court Avenue with a black AR-style rifle in his hands.

I notified other officers responding to the scene. Sarjoo walked to the south side of E Pine Street behind a dark colored BMW sedan. I could still see Sarjoo’s head and the top of his white shirt while he was behind the BMW. After a moment, Sarjoo came out from behind the BMW, without the rifle and holding his hands in the air. Because Sarjoo had his hands in the air and they were free of weapons, Officers ordered Sarjoo to walk toward the police.

Sarjoo started walking west on the south side of E Pine Street (on the sidewalk) toward the officers giving him commands. Sarjoo stopped, lifted up his shirt, grabbed a black Glock handgun out of his waistline area and dropped it on the ground near him. Sarjoo was not ordered to do this. Sarjoo put his hands back into the air and turned away from the police. He was not ordered to do this. Sarjoo got onto his knees with his hands in the air and stayed near the gun he threw on the ground. Several officers approached Sarjoo, one officer going to the gun and the others going to Sarjoo to secure him. Sarjoo was placed stomach down on the ground and put into handcuffs. The handgun was secured in a police vehicle.”

Sarjoo was ultimately charged with:

(1) improper exhibition of a dangerous weapon or firearm;
(2) discharging a firearm in public;
(3) openly carrying a firearm, and;
(4) disorderly conduct.

Sarjoo, of course, had a different story. More surprising, though, he had a witness: his friend Jamal, who had been hanging with Sarjoo all night.

Jamal is the guy you heard calling Sarjoo “Scooby” toward the beginning of the video. Sarjoo and Jamal go back decades, having grown up and gone to school together, but it had been a while since they had seen each other in person. Although Jamal split when things went sideways, he ended up writing a letter for Sarjoo, supporting his version of events.

In response, prosecutors subpoenaed Jamal to provide sworn testimony about the events of January 9, 2020. In exchange for his truthful testimony Jamal was granted immunity from prosecution. An audio recording of Jamal’s interview with prosecutors will be available later today on Patreon. [Delayed due to tech. reasons. Sorry!]

Four days after Sarjoo’s arrest, Judge Alan Apte issued a temporary risk protection order against Sarjoo, requiring the Windermere man to temporarily surrender custody of his concealed carry permit and all firearms in his possession.

Finally, credit where it’s due: this story comes your way courtesy of a tipster going publicly by the name “Florida Man.”

*Yes, the title sequence has an error. It’ll be okay.


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43 thoughts on “Florida Man Goes Nuts, Fires AR-15 in Downtown Orlando

  1. The first 45 seconds says a lot about people’s sense of self preservation. I counted 7 or 8 people just standing there and watching as he approached and moved past them while waving a gun in their direction and yelling like a lunatic.

  2. 6:38 'I want to to ask you questions about what occurred, but I have to read you something before that…'

    'My Miranda rights?'

    'No, the Hungry, Hungry Caterpillar.'

  3. “I want to do shit the right way” Is that why you fired blindly into the air without regard for where that bullet might land, then went prancing around the streets waving a loaded fire arm around?

  4. This guys an idiot no doubt. I wouldn't have fired a warning shot in the city, but if a gang of savages were attacking me I most definitely am not getting my ass kicked. I'll pull my weapon.

  5. So is he still showing up for his 5 am shift at the gas station after posting bail? He sounds like the Aziz Anzari dude… I heard Officer DeWitte is securing the perimeter because a lethal weapon was involved as they wait for the sergeant. 😂😂

  6. I have to say that the bystanders were VERY casual as lunatic dude walked past with an assault rifle, occasionally firing a round.

  7. Ah yes, yell at the guy on the street with an AR-15 as he slowly walks towards you…(I'm talking about the civilians goating this dumbass on and fucking making fun of the cops)

  8. So what he's saying is he got attacked punched in the head and tried to intimidate people around him
    that he felt was a threat to him.
    His actions are justified if they are true.
    He didn't shoot at anyone he didn't kill anyone..
    He will be arrested and get a Mr meaner charge.

  9. Just want to shout out the Corona Cigar Lounge. Really great spot. They’ve got a bar too! I’m from the north but I lived in Orlando for a year when I was 21. Had a blast right there on S Orange and Pine. Orlando police are great too. So much respect 👍

  10. Most of these people are remarkably cool considering a crazy guy is firing a gun and walking around near them. Then again, it is downtown Orlando.

  11. The more he talks, the deeper into the muck of self righteousness and pity he digs himself. He ranks an 8.5 out of 10 on the 'self pity' Richter Scale. Also it would be wise to keep your mouth shut after you've been read your Miranda rights. Get a lawyer, fool and stay calm.

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