31 thoughts on “Flash bang caught on camera – cop barking orders!

  1. In order for you to obtain knowledge and experience, You should join the police force for a bit.

    Your ignorant, condescending and argumentative strategies wont go a long way. Especially, if you've never done the work from both ends.

  2. People think that martial law is a joke these people will fire on citizens if you can't see that you're a dummy

  3. The Government/Cops hate Cameras, Transparency, Accountability, Dogs, the Bill of Rights, and Citizens!
    I am from the Government. I am here to Screw you. I have Qualified Immunity. I can Kill you and get a Paid Vacation. You will kiss my ass on Demand or Else! If I don't have a Law… I will make one up! You have No stinking "Rights" on the Streets! You will not beat the Ride!
    Cops are Government! Government Protects Government! It is all about Power, Money, & Control!
    Just when you think it can't get any worse… it does! FTP & the Ruling Class that created these Monsters! Abolish Qualified Immunity! Institute Accountability! Abolish Civil Asset Forfeiture! Abolish Red Flag Laws!
    It is Clear… the US Government is at WAR with the US Citizens & the US Constitution! The Ruling Class hates the pesky citizens! They especially hate Critical Thinking Freedom Loving citizens!
    In a Country of Lies… Truth & Justice is Treason! How about the Murder of Ashli Babbitt by Capital cop Lt. Michael Byrd? When is Michael Byrd's Trial? Oh… they investigated themselves! Where is the Equal Justice!
    Let's Go Brandon! The Law has been Weaponized to Destroy You!

    The Government (Federal, State, & Local) has gone Criminally Berserk! The People need to TAKE their Governments Back! Close the GD Borders, and Fix the Injustice System!
    Gee Do You Think the People are PISSED OFF? I wonder WHY? Got Totalitarianism? Got a Police State? Everything is ILLEGAL and the Cops are Protected by both sides of the isle!
    The Gospel of Government! All Pesky Citizens Will Shut Up, PAY, and OBEY! This is what your Government thinks of the US Citizens.
    We once suffered from Criminals committing crimes, now we suffer from Psychopath Control Freak Government Agents making Laws to Control every aspect of your life and Violating the Constitution!
    When the Government’s Boot is on your throat, weather it is a LEFT Boot or a RIGHT, is of NO Consequence! It is still a Government Boot and they mean to Rule You!
    Whenever someone tells you that your safety is their responsibility, they’re either selling you something, running for office, or yanking your chain (Lying to you). It is not for anyone else to do that, especially Government!
    Legalize Privacy, Freedom, & Liberty! I am tired of being SCREWED by Big Daddy Government!

  4. You Have the Right…

    You have the "Right" until the Government takes it Away! We call that a "Privilege" granted by your Masters to suit their needs not yours!

    The freedoms we forfeit today are the freedoms our children will never know tomorrow. May your “Rights” RIP.

    When the Government’s Boot is on your throat, weather it is a LEFT Boot, RIGHT Boot, or a BLUE GESTAPO Boot is of NO Consequence! It is still the Government Boot!

    The Beatings Will Continue… Until Your Compliance Improves… they want good Statists

    Major General Smedley Butler USMC – "There are only two things we should fight for. One is the defense of our homes and the other is the Bill of Rights.”

    Privacy, Freedom, & Liberty for the People!

  5. Blue lying piggy clown fluffer road pirates will be begging to have their qualified immunity removed, until then they will have to be removed one blue lying piggy clown fluffer road pirates at a time just like what is happening in the USA today!!!!!!

  6. Seeing cops mimicking the militarys dress and entry style pisses me off. They shouldn't be acting like citizens are enemy combatants. It also pisses me off how many of them never served in the military because they are actually scared of real danger.

  7. Laah Laah Laah dy dahhhhhhhhhh DOESN'T KNOW OUR CHRIS very well . YOU KNOW WHAT CHRIS In order for HIM to obtain knowledge and experience, maybe Laal Laah Laah dy dahhhhhhhhhh should join the police force for a bit. WHAT WE SAY TO THAT folks???? IN another life we had SHORT GUYS (TUNNEL RATS) like that officer crawling threw tunnels with a 45 and a KA-BAR looking for SHORTER GUYS THEN HIM.

  8. They hate identifying because it instantly brings the moment back to reality, not the movie script happening in their head where they're some courageous hero saving people with their robot-like aim and good looks, nope, they're the guy who isn't qualified to do anything else and so here they are babysitting the perimeter, directing traffic, and having to answer question from some pleb, dammit I'm going to arrest this guy…

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