14 thoughts on “Fishing and carrying whoah!!

  1. I am not an auditor but I have lived in FL most of my life and I enjoy and respect your style. Please do not turn into a holes and always stay honest, respectful and polite and always do your research as you always do.

  2. Expecting a massive fish retaliation?
    Expecting bears to smell the fresh caught fish?
    I was looking for a Tank in the parking lot. I don't have a problem with guns, just seems like you don't need a sledge hammer to drive a nail. Assault rifles while fishing kinda supports passing laws against guns. We all know, gun laws takes guns out of the hands of GOOD people.

  3. Is that salt water or fresh water fish you guys catching? I'm from upstate NY so not to familiar with Florida. I assume you guys are on the coast. Honestly I'm just hungry for some seafood!!

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