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  1. These are great, i missed this one so I'm watching it now. I hope your mom is doing better, I'm going through the same thing right now with my mom. She has a very aggressive form of kidney cancer and they removed one kidney. What you said at 33:45 is right on the money and i think i will use that when people start acting up in the chat and attacking you personally, i will warn them once then ban them if they do it again, if thats ok with you of course. . One livestream you had an organized troll mob attack the chat and i had to permanently remove all of them, i think it was the worst attack i had ever seen, over 10 trolls came in at once, it was when you were at the airport. Anyway, you guys keep up the great work. I foresee your channel getting really BIG in the future because of the way you are doing things. I have learned so much from you and all of the other great patriots in Florida, you are much appreciated.

  2. Sorry I missed you live. But I have a question for you, I have taken to wearing my bodycam daily. I was out shopping and with my bodycam caught an arrest of a DWI the Second officer saw my camera and asked what I was doing, here in Hawaii we have very dirty cops. So I told him I wear it for my protection and they were arresting the gentleman right next to my Truck. So I am standing back and waiting until they were finished. Now what happened next us they said they would arrest me if I didn't hand over my camera. So I complyed with his order.
    How do I get my camera back? I can't show anything because they almost took my phone as well but I turned it off. So I got to keep it.

  3. It'd be nice to go with the full meaning here… but – DO NOT BE AFRAID OF THE WORD "RECON"…
    28:30 – reconnaissance (redirected from Reconnaisance)
    Reconnaisance: reconnaissance mission

    re路con路nais路sance also re路con路nois路sance (r沫-k艔n鈥采-s蓹ns, -z蓹ns)
    An inspection or exploration of an area, especially one made to gather military information.

    1. (Military) the act of reconnoitring
    2. (Military) the process of obtaining information about the position, activities, resources, etc, of an enemy or potential enemy
    3. (Civil Engineering) a preliminary inspection of an area of land before an engineering survey is made

    1. the act of reconnoitering.
    2. a general examination or survey of a region, usu. followed by a detailed survey.

    The First Amendment allows for me to employ reconnaissance any time I wish, does it not?
    Officer, what evidence do you rely on to conclude that I am in the military?
    You never said anything about me being in the military? But you said I might be engaged in something called "Recon", did you not?
    Officer, what significant military information do you believe I have access to that you need to stop me from seeing?? lol

    If you can think up an experiment that clearly shows America what it was losing, lost, or failing to use… would you?

    33:50 – I got a piece from a script a fella wrote I felt fit here, you mention "You can't make me listen…" and it reminds me of the script:

    45:00 – If you are going to go out and audit the station where the cops who plant drugs are…. Be sure and show up with clothing with plenty of pockets on the outside, wide open!!! Know what I mean??
    You become the car on the street with the keys in the ignition….. Ripe for opportunity criminals!!! hahaha

    What if you called ahead of time, recording the calls, and let them know (1 month in advance) what you plan on doing. everything you would do on the audit can be checked with the person in charge on the phone… recorded….
    Asking them what your obligations are as the free people of this country? What obligation do I have to an officer because he got a call? Is this voluntary? Do you consider this a consensual intercourse with one of the people? Or can I characterize it as Non-Consensual Intercourse?

    in路ter路course (沫n鈥瞭蓹r-k么rs鈥)
    1. Dealings or communications between persons or groups.
    2. Sexual intercourse.

    1. communication or exchange between individuals; mutual dealings
    2. See sexual intercourse

    1. dealings or communication between individuals, groups, countries, etc.
    2. interchange of thoughts, feelings, etc.
    3. sexual relations or a sexual coupling, esp. coitus.

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