38 thoughts on “First amendment activist sentenced to 12 years in prison!

  1. Cops do not work for the citizens they work for satans asshole, "government & big corporations" to create revenue. Big Money in doing so they are allowed to rape take and murder the public. There's no such thing as a good cop

  2. Not sure who this guy is,, just shows America has 2 standards for justice,, Has anyone gone to prison for the hateful comments towards our last president.. probation should have been enough, My opinion only but when you plead guilty you roll the dice

  3. This effeminate judge is obviously on a power trip. He doesn't believe the citizen has "real" power. He doesn't belong in the bench, and should get a taste of his own medicine. Think about this:. The FIRST AMENDMENT AUDITOR is going to prison for exercising his FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS! The irony is thick as ever. With all the BS this judge has said, Brant should get off on appeal.

  4. The judge sends Eric for 12 years in jail….these are not words… how about 4 years for the judge for "I would like to see you pounded into the canvas"…may be if the judge would spend 6 months in jail he would know what 12 years means…but no…the judge will never know what it is to go to jail…but he hands it out as if it is candy….disgusting…why not a group of citizens deciding on the sentence since the judge is obviously biased???

  5. “I would like to see you pounded in to the canvas” the remarks from the judge hurt my feelings. Can we put him away in a cage now? Yes it was horrible what Eric said…..but NOT 12 years I’m a cage horrible!! Thanks for clarifying that we have “Free Speech”, UNLESS, it offends someone to their core! Oh and the judge says “Any judge that takes pleasure in sentencing someone to years in jail is just horrible and should just retire!” Well judge…..have a good retirement in April eh?

  6. Eric felt guilty and showed that his treatments were successful and he was proud of them. He however forgot the justice system IS corrupt and his judges statement that violence's should happen to him shows what is bad for citizens is accepted for judges. I WAS RIGHT THERE ON THE SCREEN.

  7. "The widespread dissemination of lunacy does not change the fact that it's lunacy."

    Tell that to the Billions of folks that believe in angels, devils, souls, reincarnation, psychic energy, and pretty much all religions. In fact the widespread dissemination of lunacy is so acceptable it's protected by the Constitution in the first Amendment.

  8. So, lets get this straight. The judge said he would like to see the other judge beat Eric for 10 minutes and he has not been charged, but Eric says something out of line and is given 12 years. One man judging another man committing the same verbal "cross the line" type words and only one of them gets incarcerated right in front of the cameras.
    WOW! is all that comes to mind, just WOW!!

  9. i dont understand, regardless of the content, we dont have freedom of speech anymore ? this sets a dangerous precedent. OMG we have lost this country … what els do we have other then revolting ? am I going to jail for even questioning this outcome now

  10. Remember this men,
    "The first engine of tyranny is the discretion of a judge."
    Brandt did nothing unlawful. Bottom line. Judges are BARBARY pirates. I'm personally offended that the judge doesn't admit he isn't honoring his oath to the constitution. I'm deeply offended by that Talmudic Jesuit black dress wearing priest pretending to be authority.

  11. What a dummie. I didn't know he said in his platform what the judge said. On the other hand, 12 years? Even 4 years would be too much. Oh wait,,,,,it was said about a guy in a black dress. (Makes sense now).

  12. That's the nicest judge I've seen. Making sure Eric is more comfortable at the podium. He also gave him 12 yrs to write another statement. Such a generous judge. Perhaps next time Eric will be able to wheel himself to the podium. I'm sure the judge will accommodate for that also. 🙄.

  13. 12 years for offending someone with WORDS!!!! hahahahaha….
    And yet, some 17 year old beat someone to death – got charged with manslaughter and got just shy of 4 YEARS LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. 12 years for a threat that he was not even serious about, and he took a plea ,, something else going on here … i would like to know if anyone else has ever got 12years for a death threat. so if he didnt take a plea what 20 years ??? !!! i realy think an appeal will knock his sentence down with a human judge,

  15. SHAME, like a cop, hurts people and then retires …. Eric didn't hurt no one, 12 years of jail, a "killer" like Chauvin won't even get that …. DISGRACE ….

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