Fired Amazon Worker Chris Smalls Responds To Leaked Smear Campaign Plans

Amazon executives described Smalls as “not smart or articulate.” Smalls was fired after organizing a walkout over employee safety at Amazon’s Staten Island warehouse.

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20 thoughts on “Fired Amazon Worker Chris Smalls Responds To Leaked Smear Campaign Plans

  1. "When It Comes To Agriculture Work As Well It's A Pecking Order A Chain Of Command The Owner's President's And CEO's Of These Corporations Have No Clue On How To Operate Clean Run Or Even Take Apart The Machinery Not To Mention They Lack Brain Cell Capacity To Properly Sanitize During Clean Up If That Says Anything Or Know How To Call A Bio Clean Up Crew Such As A HAZMAT Team When A Dear Co-Worker Has A Mild To Severe Accident Without Compensation Because We Are All Disposable Workers In There Eye's They Can Only Eat Sleep And Think Dollar💵💸💸💸💰💸💴💳💴💷💰💶💵💵💷💷💰💸💵💰💳💲IGN💲 As They Feed Us Bird Crumb's Then Hoard The Toilet Paper So They Can Shit Out More 100$Bills For Little Timmy&The Spoiled Nosey Rosy Niece Who Lives Up The Street.

  2. It's better to die on your feet than to live on your knees! Wake up, people! This is one of the symptoms of corporate totalitarianism. And if we, the people, wait any longer there won't be any possibility to resist. Politicians will do nothing for the people. Nothing. They will use YOUR taxes to militarize the police and violate rights.

  3. BOYCOTT! This man is the kind of leader this nation has needed more of so badly for so long, especially at moments like these.
    "It's not about Chris Smalls, never was. It's about the people. It's about the front line workers. It's about all of us.
    So, they ain't not battling me, they battling everybody. Everybody that I'm trying to give a voice to, that standing with me, that supporting me.
    It's gonna be Amazon VS everybody. It's not gonna ever be Amazon VS Chris Smalls.
    If that's what they think is gonna happen, they sadly mistaken." …
    "While the people that have the power, I want you to know that we have the power, we're the ones that's making them rich." …
    "800,000 employees world wide, God forbid we all carriers."
    Inarticulate? My arse! What he said is quite clear to anyone who understands English, tho is apparently not obvious to most USians.
    I'm down and behind him all the way. What we need is people who can think for themselves and get what we need together.
    Average peeps being 100% real, standing up, and asking others to join them, for all our lives and our Mother Earth.

  4. I appreciate the piece with Chris, but also wonder how much of this viral crisis info. we're getting is accurate. It seems that some places are NASTY, such as NYC, f.e., but I'm not there and can't widely verify how bad the situation is, just being tucked away in a southern part of the Eastern Townships of the province of Quebec, Canada . Here, downtown usually looks like a "ghost town", all day and evening, and of course night. It's been this way for 3 weeks or more, already, like a dead zone. I use municipal bussing and the STS, Sherbrooke Transporation System, administration just changed the scheduling to summer period on Monday, April 6th, when this normally happens during the month of June. Normally, the long buses can seat 30 to 40 people, plus have many standing pasengers , and since this covid-19 situation, WOW, a driver can definitely feel lonely, for we might have 4 or 5 passengers. Sometimes, I'm the sole passenger. It's such that I wonder why the bus service even continues. It's at no extra cost to us so I don't complain, but still seems odd. MANY people are staying isolated, or so it seems, whereas I go out when wanting to do so. I dont worry when going out, but this place has become like barren, VERY few people. There are some, but FEW, and I wonder how bad the situation is. Again, if I want to go out, then I do. I'm cautious but still go out, and normally act like there's no problem, for that's my usual way. It's been a little slow to get accustomed to this new situation. I'm still working on that. Maybe it's because of living alone, for I guess that if I had a family, then I'd be more careful. Alone though, … different life. I don't want to die too soon, but if I do, then not so bad, only me, 1 person. I do make that distinction.

  5. I'm not sure if he got fired or he quit… could get unemployment? And he needs to get tested considering he talked to fellow co-worker employee (who later tested positive) and hung out with coworkers after work/ and cafeteria

  6. Tardy, it now being April 7th, 5:35 p.m., but I wish Chris and all other workers well. I've previously heard or read of the name Jeff Bezos, though learned almost nothing about him and this TRNN interview is helpful. Why doesn't he go down and work with the workers? No chance of that happening. Doesn't care about the low level workers, who actually happen to do most of the work to operate the damn business. Put his ass down there. If he won't risk it, then why anyone else do it? Bs. Have him showing up work on the "shop" floor, like where Chris was. Bezos is going to tuck his damn tail inward and want to scram, while expecting other people to be obedient slaves. Like Chris, I don't think most people would accept this. Economics hasn't been good for me but I wish Chris to get through this relatively ok Seems quite de dicated, rather than exaggerated.

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