Finding Hope During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Dr. Gerald Horne says workers organizing and fighting for basic rights offer hope during the coronavirus pandemic, increasingly catastrophic government response, dire economic outlook, and two unappealing options at the ballot box in November.

Director: Dwayne Gladden
Video Editor: Will Arenas
Visual Producer: Andrew Corkery

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12 thoughts on “Finding Hope During The COVID-19 Pandemic

  1. The media and leftist in office can't expect us to trust Joe Biden if he changes his policies to sound more progressive. We need leadership in the House and Senate to be taken over by actual progressives in order for that trust to happen. I don't care what Joe biden promises in his campaign.

  2. Did he ask about Clayburn of South Carolina and why he helped Biden win that primary and killed Bernie's chances going forward?

  3. And the only thing that could possibly be worse is if anything with democrat in the name was in charge. Difficult to believe but the demos can out Trump Trump. America is finished, this is the largest wealth transfer up ever.

  4. The way this VIRUS has been handled is shocking. It is not a deadly disease. Like with moses viruses and bacterial diseases many will die and many many more will recover and many will not even get it. Those "global Wealthy, WHO , the NHI, Fauci and Gates, and those who OWN the media and social media, who have given misinformation, without researching and investigating this virus. Wanting to produce a quick Vaccine, which many Qualified Doctors have spoken out against, saying vaccines have side effects and even increase other physical ailments. Yet these Doctors are shut down. People world over are facing starvation with no jobs, will lose their homes and jobs. Starvation bringing many other diseases and a create an even greater health issue with many dying far exceeding the death rate of Covid19. Humanity need to CHANGE their LIFESTYLES. EAT more nutritional (not junk and processed food, and too much sugar), exercise, drink water, that is not toxic, get fresh air outside, instead of sitting on laptops, computers, (games) watching TV (all the trash that Hollywood) put on it. Get out in the SUN and get sunshine D. Everything Health Doctors tell people to do to stay healthy and build up ones IMMUNE system goes out the window, and they panic when a virus comes because their bodies cannot fight it off. NO is to BLAME but each person, for the BAD lifestyles and the things they do in excess, like eating, drinking, and being lazy. Take responsibility and behave like adults NOT children. The Leaders of most countries behave like children too. Again who is to blame. YOU YOU and YOU. Each one that voted them in. Then you blame your leaders when they don't fit in with your program. The people of yesterday who had courage, stamina, moral living, and worked hard have gone and we are at best left with childish and petty, I WANTERS, AND teaching ones children to do the same. No wonder thus world is in the MESS it is in. Time to GROW UP WORLD.

  5. Sorry to say that I disagree with G. Horne as to Trump being the most dangerous US president. It is even sadder for someone who has been doing such great work on internationalsim and history. Ignoring the lessons of the past by once again pushing people to support Biden is the most surprising for me. I do not say to vote for Trump. There are alternatives to this 2 "choices".

  6. Part of this PLANdemic is to suppress wages and allow companies to file bankruptcy and avoid paying underfunded pensions. There is so much more evil in this plan. Including setting the stage to control the movement of people to squash the inevitable revolution against a system that has most people under tremendous stress, even those in the favored group are hanging on by a thread and whose position depends on Maafa Racism.

  7. Mischief has appeared on land and sea because of (the meed) that the hands of men have earned, that (God) may give them a taste of some of their deeds: in order that they may turn back (from Evil).(30-41)

  8. Why reference "BILLIONAIRE" Bill Gates as he is a eugenicist? Gates isnt a doctor. IMF WHO and the UN will conspire to use UN troops in US cities.

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