Felony Ear Piercing Without A License – Interview With Department

Tontitown Arkansas police arrest a father for allegedly piercing his sons ear at home without a license, but police say there’s more to the story.

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28 thoughts on “Felony Ear Piercing Without A License – Interview With Department

  1. seen this story a few days ago! and based on the law used. there is an exception for ear lobes! so no crime!
    while some of the MSM tried to use other laws, rules, health codes, whatever! the law is written for commercial purposes. while some of the tattoo, body piercing is deemed to require a license and the kings permission. earlobes do not! unless it's for commerce….
    i predict all charges will be dropped! and a lawsuit filed!

  2. So if that law and the charge is a felony then why isn't that applied to people in prison giving other prisoner's tats or are the prisoners licensed🙄 Especially to do so under a threat of person Bodily harm et cetera join our gang get to Tied it up or get beaten to death or whatever Iniquitous hippocrate b*****

  3. This was a pretextual arrest just like a pretextual traffic stop. Should just not have answered the door and definitely should not have talked to the police. Then also should inform his kid to not answer questions either.

  4. Thank you James , every WHOLE of the story needs to be told ,,,this should have been clarified by the reporter . At least this cop talked like he had some logic and since .BUT it’s goes to show there are laws we don’t know about ,just think of how many we break a day we don’t know was actually on the books .

  5. What that cops is saying is a 100% LIE…about "cops not going out to arrest people for piercing their kids ears. They 100% are…the cop, while polite..is a god-damn tyrant and a complete POS. He had no PC that ANY abuse had, was or would have taken place. They just didn't like that the father told them to "pound sand" and decide to exercise unlawful violent FORCE. You don't send 4 or 5 cops to do an initial "knock-and-talk" in this situation. SIC SEMPER TYANNIS

  6. Rule #1 NEVER trust a cop.

    Rule #2 NEVER trust a cop.

    Rule #3 NEVER trust a cop.

    Make no mistake, they are the enemies of freedom and justice, and exist for one purpose… to enforce the will of the elite over the common people.

  7. Try taking the boot out of your throat bro, lost me on this one who freaking cares your not the judge and neither are they. Just more disgusting authoritarianism disguised by virtue. The cops are douche bags and so are their boot licking coward zombies. I bet your bet your breath smells like leather 😂.

  8. Ear Ring,,,, but I go to JAIL IF I DONT GIVE MY KID PANYS AND BRAWS??? IM LOST AS F**K!!!! He DIDNT PIECRE HIS ASS HOLE?? It’s an EAR!!!! If I my son son finger is hooked by a fishing kook…. And I’m drunk on a pond I’m going to JAIL???

  9. Wait wait wait…hold up a sec… you mean to tell me that the government can sneak around and jab kids without the consent or knowledge of the parental units and will hide the kids from the parental units who will not allow the kids to transition…and transition them secretly…and they receive no punishment.. who's kids are they again? Oh yeah.. they are wards of THE UNITED STATES incorporated… United States code title 28 subsection 3002 15a…

  10. the statute they arrested him under literally says "except when piercing the earlobe". when i heard he pierced his ear, that was my assumption. which means if they suspected him of violating that law, but the kid very obviously had his earlobe pierced (assuming it was indeed the earlobe), doesn't that mean he very obviously didn't violate it? or am i missing something here?

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