FDLE Special Agent’s Wife Arrested in Bizarre Domestic Incident

Carl Shedlock is a special agent with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. Recent IRS filings also identify Shedlock as a director of the Florida Police Benevolent Association.

In the early hours of morning on New Years Day 2019, Special Agent Carl Shedlock, intoxicated, dialed 911 and reported that his wife of ten years, Dianne, had bit, hit, and kicked him. He would later state that “she got a few drinks in me, she beat me up,” clarifying shortly thereafter that they had both been drinking… but that she had beat him up. Carl stated that he tried to control Dianne and that he had tried to defend himself using his mixed-martial arts skills. Carl would later add that he is “a workout guy” and “this is the end of John Mina,” a statement for which context was lost due to redaction by the City of Orlando (see note #1 below).

Much body-camera-muting and audio redaction later, Dianne McConkey Shedlock was arrested. For nearly three years this incident has flown under the public’s radar. They end today.

According to Dianne, she and Carl started to argue after Carl accused her of being a bad mother. They verbally berated one another, Carl grabbed her wrist and Dianne hit Carl. They both began hitting each other, and Dianne alleged that Carl “used his law enforcement training to hurt her, so she did not have significant marks.” Dianne also claimed that Carl had choked her, but not to the point that her airway was blocked, and that as Carl was choking her, Dianne had laughed in his face. In response, Carl allegedly “became upset and started to use pressure points behind her eyes.” Dianne stated that she screamed and told Carl that he was going to “cause her to go blind.”

Carl claimed that the reason he did not simply leave their motorhome at any point during the 20-minute physical fight was that Dianne had overpowered him and would not permit Carl to depart.

For unknown reasons, Orlando Police Officer Jessica Bennett arrested Dianne only, telling her that Florida law required her to make an arrest, and that “whether it be you or him, it doesn’t matter” — a statement that is probably easier to make when you are not the one getting arrested, jailed, and served a no-contact order naming the other party as protected from you.

Officer Bennett assured Dianne that at-large charges would be filed against Carl, but there is a catch there as well: with limited exception, the police in the United States are not empowered to charge anyone with crimes. Prosecutors are.

Guess who wasn’t charged.

Guess who now has an arrest record.

Citing mutual combat, the Office of the State Attorney for the Ninth Judicial Circuit did not file charges against Special Agent Carl Shedlock, and the State Attorney eventually no-filed the misdemeanor battery case against Dianne, who on February 25, 2019 filed for divorce.

Florida’s Criminal Justice Standards & Training Commission (“the Commission”) is responsible for overseeing peace officer training and certification in the state. To that end, the Commission is empowered to suspend or revoke an officer’s certification when the Commission finds probable cause that an officer committed a moral character violation. Moral character violations happen when a violative act occurs; criminal prosecution is not a prerequisite for Commission action. (See note #2, below, for details.)

The penalty guideline for battery is suspension, however the penalty guideline for DV battery with slight or moderate injury is prospective suspension to revocation. Just prior to this video’s publication I contacted FDLE and inquired about whether this incident was ever brought to the Commission’s attention. You’ll know if and when FDLE responds.


(1) Although a substantial amount of footage was redacted (and consequently excluded from this video) efforts to obtain a substantially-less-redacted copy are underway and I anticipate some degree of success with that. More on that when the time comes.

(2) Many moral character violations are not even crimes. See rwp.yt/mc for details.





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  1. Anyone who drinks over age 40 is loser playing a young man's game. It's poison, get over it. 
    See "Beyond Sober" to quit on your own… No one's business but yours.

  2. I assume they took her because he has visible signs of being assaulted, still shocked though. Men usually get the wrong end of the stick when it comes to women perpetrating DV on a man.

  3. Carl didn't want to verbalize the situation to the male officer, but when the young, pretty one showed up and asked for a written, he was quick to agree to a verbal. 😆

  4. In Florida if you call the police on a domestic call one or both of you will go to jail that night guaranteed every single time. My advice is to separate on your own. I almost went to jail and had my CWP taken over drunken lies. She had the cops believing she was the victim. The only things that saved me was that I wasn’t drinking and I had a recording on my phone of the entire incident from start to finish. I knew it was gonna be one of those nights and I hit record. She didn’t know I had it either so she was lying her ass off. I was even in cuffs and about to go to jail when I finally decided to play my ace. Up to that point I was kinda hoping that they’d just separate us without an arrest but then they were gonna take me cuz of her lies. I told the cop that I could prove I didn’t touch her. The recording was listened to by 3 officers. After that the cuffs came off and they went on her. And boy was she mad AF. The look she gave me on her way to the cop car coulda made a train take a dirt road.

  5. Rubbed her feet on the carpet then, shocked me. I fell down she grabbed my arm pulling me back up -now I got an Indian Burn and even called me a "Benedict". And That is all DOMESTIC VIOLENCE!!! She will lose her gun rights and have a criminal record forever before even having first a trial to hear evidence and that is my point. It's irreversible and frankly irresponsible to family that laws are meant to be vague and intrusive without making an impact and better our quality of life and strengthen our relationships not weaken our own ability to defend our own selves from these injustices and overstepping

  6. I love this channel but I can see why this one flew under the radar. I mean, I just barely care what happened here and care even less if he’s still serving.

  7. I worked for the courts and the judge called the next in custody case which happened to be a little lady. She was young and tiny. She was arrested for domestic violence. The judge asked if the victim was in the courtroom to see what the victim wanted. This really big weightlifter stood up and he looked like he had been beat up by a gang of people with bats. We were shocked that such a small person could do such a large amount of damage. She was charged with a felony…..

  8. He's looney tunes.. don't know about her, but suspect the same for her. Throw 'em back in the trailer home and let them go back at it after they have a few more drinks.

  9. You guys, it is extremely important for all of you men to understand that if she attacks you, it is a very good thing for you to report her for doing that. There is absolutely no shame in it. We women already understand that. But I want you guys to understand that you do all have the same legal protections as well. Women are too often beaten by men. Men are too often beaten by women. There is absolutely no shame in being a victim or a survivor of domestic violence. I am a survivor myself.

  10. 4:06 "There's got to be a reason she decided all of a sudden to beat you up"
    You'd never say that to a woman experiencing domestic violence, but fine if it's a man, I guess 🙄

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