44 thoughts on “Fat necked sloppy Swine Bullys photographer – Bowie Police Department

  1. This is America.
    This video makes me want to check out of planet earth. The only reason I don't is because that is exactly what idiots want.
    Thanks for what you are doing. These idiot police need to be brought low, threatening us, and violating our rights because they are "scared". Thugs look at these goons. It's their nation not ours.

  2. When I tried to look up officer magors, google pulled up news articles on this video. In the articles I read they make Freeman out to be a harassing troll yet they tell very little about the behavior of major's. That BS for reporters to not report the story as it happened especially when there's video evidence of who was being the bully.

  3. Please post that cops mother and Boss and his family members address
    The public needs to fight back against cops like this. Nobody else will teach them or train them. So public should find his family

  4. Order giver's should not be cop's. If they aren't cordial and respectful to the public. Then they should'nt be cop's. They are suppose to be peace officer's. Not trouble maker's. That's what they call us. It should be the new normal, filming cops

  5. Anyone wonder what the big secret is? What are they so frightened of? And with the kind of paralyzing fear they claim to feel, should these scaredy cats really be in charge of heavy weaponry? Vulnerable Americans? Our rights? I don’t think so. If you are so scared, get a job elsewhere.

  6. The one with the weird beard started off aggressive but wised up fast. Good for him. Ofc. Chubby is dangerous, can tell he gets off on bullying people. At the risk of sounding unkind, he is about as dumb as they come and mean spirited and proud of it to boot. Dangerous combination.

  7. I wonder, who was the scumbag who called the station to rat you out and give them your name? I would imagine the same type of person who would rat their neighbor out in the Soviet Union during the dark days of there oppressive communist system.

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