Faith and the fight against climate change, Part 1

In a society increasingly driven by science and technology, world religions and the communities they inspire remain a vast and rock-solid political force. Going by the numbers alone, Pew Research Center estimated in 2015 that there were over 5 billion people of faith in our contemporary world, belonging to Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, and other faith-based cosmologies, including Indigenous and Native belief systems. Despite their outsized influence on so many aspects of our personal, social, and political lives, however, religious thinking and morality have struggled to gain a foothold in debates over a number of critical issues confronting our world today, including climate change and environmental justice, consumer capitalism, and solidarity struggles.

In this four-part series, host and climate correspondent Aman Azhar shines a light on how faith-based cosmologies inform and influence our political conduct, even in the most intimate of ways. These interdisciplinary conversations with thought leaders from different faith groups explore the intersections of religion and the politics of climate change. What sort of political actions do—and can—these worldviews inspire? Do the gods and followers of Christianity, Islam, and Buddhism have a say in the future of our warming planet? If the answer is a resounding “Yes,” then why can’t we hear their voices more in popular media? Have they been muted? If so, why (and by whom)?

In the first interview of this four-part series, Aman Azhar talks to Abdul Rehman Malik of Yale Divinity School about how Muslim belief systems interact with climate discourse—and what counsel Islam has to offer its adherents on caring for the planet.

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17 thoughts on “Faith and the fight against climate change, Part 1

  1. 'Belief' is central to the mentality of all religious human beings, including those who now 'believe' the theological style climate, virus stories. 'Believers' don't need to 'know' they 'believe' which is not scientific, faith is an emotion. These 'believer' types don't really like facts and evidence or they'd 'know' CO2 theory is unscientific horse shit. CO2 is the result of warming not the cause. There is not an iota of credible evidence otherwise. There is however lots of tangible evidence that humans are dirty bastards and have trashed the environment for a variety of different reasons. Faith (belief) is also central to belief in the 'mind virus' because again there is not a scrap of evidence that firstly Sars Cov2 actually exists because the virus has never been isolated. Therefore how can it be proved this un-isolated virus causes the disease Covid19? The very simple scientific answer is 'it can't'. Anyone who is now shitting themselves over this plannedemic, is a ignorant 'believer'. Wake the fuck up you morons, before it's to late and you a inextricably tied into a self imposed prison of mind body and spirt.

  2. 24:40 That feeling when you're a student who wrote the paper) Can't wait to speak to Sidi Abdul-Rehman Malik about his counterpoints. As usual a phenomenal presentation and a humble demeanor that I always admire in you dear ustadh. Peace be with you and your loved ones.

  3. 20:20 "Faith is a repository of human wisdom"
    No. That's science.
    Science builds from Data to Information to Knowledge to Wisdom.
    Folklore / Faith / superstitions start with Wisdom and find the data to fit the myths.

  4. US evangelical Christians are anxiously waiting for the end of the world and the rapture… TRNN will never be the same after Paul Jay "left". This is not the channel I started following many years ago…

  5. Come ON! Religious climate activism is way too little and far too late. In fact, outright denialism has been pushed in many churches here in the U.S.. Among Protestants, 30% agree that the Earth is warming but think it's natural, and 28% deny climate change altogether. Religion dropped the ball!

  6. In Laudato Si is a NSL and for this to happen we lose our Constitution specifically our freedom of conscience. History will repeat itself Ecclesiastes 1:9. Get ready for a one world socialist government and godless religion. We that keep God's 7th day Sabbath will be persecuted again in a global dark ages.

  7. OMG you're guest talks & talks & says nothing. Climate change has me very worried. We've come to a point in this country where we've allowed a handful of elected politicians to dictate every direction we take in every aspect of our lives. For reasons of greed and power Democrats won't to do anyting and we have the wackos on the other side believing that God and only God will determine the fate of man and the end to our planet while we the people just watch. Our government is worthless!

  8. GOD (joke) only knows which communities of faith these folks are talking about? For example in India, where millions and millions of god-fearing, cowed down folks live, an existence jostling between the thin line of death and survival -have no clue nor care about climate or even the notion of climate-justice. If this be any Real News? We could be a little or lot more expansive and open in our inclusion…

  9. I am interested to follow these four parts. I commend you for tackling a subject with so many potential triggers. Bravo for The Real News. But lately, my attention is distracted . . . I'll be back.

  10. Those believing we have any chance in stopping this run away train to disaster, under our current economic system, is in the grips of the same denial as those who believe climate change is a myth…All religious doctrines are delusional, obviously…Religions always join with fascism when inequality goes out of control…Which is exactly where we are headed…Those who do not acknowledge the similarities now, to the 1930's are ignorant to our factual history….Sure religions provide great lessons and guidance, but our systems are set up in such a way that makes living by these ideals impossible….

  11. When I hear Climate Justice I hear the co-opting of Environmental Justice and the erasing of Black peoples issues within the Climate movement. In black communities the black church have been willing participants in adding toxics to black communities under the pretense of jobs and funding to their churches.

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