35 thoughts on “EXPOSED: WHY UNLICENSED DRIVERS DON’T GET ARRESTED + The Bigger Picture – Amagansett Press

  1. this woman proved nothing. ..all she was able to do was turn in her license! and then get arrested dozens of times. sovereign citizen theories are outdated and not current law. the documents she is reading are NOT relevant or current!
    there interpretation of the law has never held up in any courtroom anywhere. every SOVEREIGN CITIZEN ends up in the same place..
    on the side of the road, getting there window smashed in, being tazed, and inevitably jailed!
    don't fall for this crap..follow the law! you can't make up your own laws.

  2. Jason and Ben… PLEASE do not travel down the sovereign citizen rabbit hole! it's nonsense, the documents they use and the theories they use, are out dated and not current LAW!..
    this lady is delusional! she said " my theory was tested and I was correct!"
    reality…she was arrested dozens of times. STAY AWAY FROM SOVEREIGN CITIZENS!

  3. My license were suspended I did not know it was for an unpaid ticket I was arrested and spent 10 days in jail! I have done this several times even though I have paid nearly 5000 through the years to get my licence back.

  4. The real crime here is We the People's ignorance of what real America Law is and how it is applied to the people and the Departments deliberate abuse of that fact!

  5. Wow. What a load of shit. And look at all the idiots in the comment section drinking it up!

    For starters, she's quoting California law, not US law. And it's a terms and definitions section, differentiating between commercial and non-commercial vehicles. Guess what: there are some laws that apply to one and not the other. That's why the distinction is there. How hard is that to understand? Not even gonna finish the video. 😂

  6. UCC 1 308. sign everything with this code at the DMV. Look it up remember it. Signing driver license registration. Hidden CONTRACT goes away. Without prejudice is another one. Everybody look it up

  7. 10:35 so basically you are saying that the Highway Patrol is/are the bullet takers for congress? Congress who creates all assumptions aka laws. This is mind blowing. Debt collectors also create account numbers out of the ether so they can extort money out of people for a non-existent debt, and its all based on fantasy. Like the 'Roadrunner," anything can happen in a cartoon.

  8. She can split legal hairs all day long but it would cost a lot more money/time to
    try & opt out of their "System"? I for 1 don't like any of the State/Federal bullshit
    but try & tell any Cop you're not a "commercial" vehicle so you need no license &
    I'm betting you go directly to jail? Our "Sovereign" citizens are attempting to do
    exactly what she's talking about & I met a bunch of them up in Michigan but in
    trying to break free of them you go to jail & not be free after all? A Catch – 22

  9. I don't know what these people want us to do as individuals, especially poor individuals. Fight a corrupt system and lose our freedom and ruin the little bit of happiness we have? Will this lady and those like her come and help us when no one listens to us say their wrong and it's not legal? This info is not helpful without plan to fix it. Just my opinion.

  10. …Oh look, it's "Jacquie Figg, Rights Activist". Known card-carrying member of the Sovereign Citizen Movement.

    For someone who wants to hold OTHERS accountable to the law, you keep strange company!

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