Ex-Army Combat Medic Stabs Neighbor: Interviews & Interrogations, Part I

On the night of April 10, 2016 Benjamin Gregory Lewis, then 37, got into a fight with his Lakewood (WA) neighbor Amaya T. Johnson. Lewis was a former Army combat medic who had served in Iraq. He had been accepted to Ranger school at Fort Benning, Georgia, and would disclose later that night that he was diagnosed with PTSD. At the time the fight occurred Lewis was working in construction as a concrete finisher.

Despite not knowing the name of the person he was about to nearly kill, Lewis and Johnson threw down in the parking lot of their apartment complex. At one point during the fight, Lewis was seen by witnesses on top of Johnson attempting to strangle him. Witnesses also reported seeing Lewis holding a steak knife, which he used to deliver four stab wounds to Johnson’s neck and upper body. Lewis fled in a dark colored Kia before the police arrived.

When officers arrived on scene they found Johnson lying in a supine position on the ground. He appeared incoherent and there was a knife blade – broken from the handle – on the ground next to him. Also nearby were a glass crack pipe and a 211 Steel Reserve beer can. Responding officers observed multiple puncture wounds on Johnson and a medic bystander was providing basic life support.

On scene officers contacted a neighbor who had witnessed much of the fight and also contacted Amber Lance, Benjamin Lewis’s girlfriend. The neighbor-witness made allegations suggesting that Amber had been involved in the crime.

Meanwhile, elsewhere, Officer Nick McClelland had located Lewis’s Kia, and with the assistance of other officers made a high-risk traffic stop, taking Lewis into custody. Lewis was cooperative and told Officer McClelland that he would answer questions “to a point.” He related that he had just left his residence and was headed to “nowhere”. When asked why he had blood on him, Lewis responded “there was a scuffle.” Officer McClelland asked him who he had a “scuffle” with and Lewis replied “a dude that kept fucking with me” who he could only describe as a fat black male. When Officer McClelland asked Lewis what had happened during the fight, Lewis replied “I was trying to kill him.” Lewis denied using any weapons and stated that he was only trying to choke the fat black dude.

Benjamin Lewis, Amber Lance, and the witness were all brought to the Lakewood, Washington police station for questioning.

This video contains the police interview of the neighbor-witness, followed by the interrogation of Amber Lance, girlfriend of former combat medic and neighbor-stabber Benjamin Lewis.

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33 thoughts on “Ex-Army Combat Medic Stabs Neighbor: Interviews & Interrogations, Part I

  1. "What do you think the purpose of the lady with the machete being there"? I dunno, probably to stab him too, if she didn't already. What kind of blanket statement is that? A normal person would say, "I do t know, I can't speak as to someone else's intentions. She said multiple times she didn't threathen anyone with the machete and was just standing there with it. That seems to me to be non-violent intentions and more of a deterrent object than anything. If course, that's just my opinion.

  2. “Where’s the machete?”

    ‘Whoa…well, I do have a machete I keep behind my door for my own protection, it was a gift. It’s behind my workout equipment now. My boyfriend put it there before I moved in. I picked it up earlier and put it by my door for my own comfort’


  3. Holy hell. Why would you scream at someone like that THEN?? That’s like the worst possible time to piss someone off, he got lucky she said yes.

    I already saw the interview of the assailant, and seeing the detective blow up like that over “I’d like to ask a question” surprised the hell out of me. Weird.

  4. This neighbor witness lady was the town gossip queen. Listen to the way she talks about everyone she mentions. I bet you she just heard from Diane that Amber had the machete for protection and thats where she got that from.
    She's also gonna be known as a snitch after this, and in "Chocolate City" I'd say thats probably frowned upon

  5. I like Amber. I would've told that rude detective to kiss my lily white ass and then lawyered up the second he gave me an attitude. And when he keeps asking her why 2 people say she was seen with the machete, I'd tell him "you're the detective, figure it out"- since her repetitive answer of "I don't know" and "I was not out with the machete" don't seem to pacify him. She gave them more info than I would. All I would've said is "no comment".

  6. This RWP channel is SO SKETCHY! Where have all the commnets gone with 1/2K likes? That were calling him out for this BS intro that has no bearing in reason nor loigc?

  7. Why is it that 95% of all cops interrogators seem more sick and twisted and in need of counselling than the people they interview?

    I can only think of 2 good ones…the incel dude and Col Williams … and holy crap I just realized they are both Canadian So why are 100% of US cop interrogators fucked up?! So embarrassing disturbing and frightening.

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