Empire Star Bryshere Gray Interrogated by Goodyear Police

On July 13, 2020 ‘Empire’ actor Bryshere “Yazuan” Gray (whose real middle name is actually “Ronald”) was arrested by police in Goodyear, Arizona on a slew of aggravated assault domestic violence charges.

Around 10:15 PM officers responded to a Circle K gas station after a woman called 911 and reported that her husband “who she identified as Bryshere Gray, an actor on the TV series ‘Empire,’” had brutally assaulted her for three hours at their home.

At some point toward what would be the end of the beating Gray decided to go to his local Quick Trip convenience store. He drove to the store in a rental SUV, taking his victim — Candice Jimdar — along for the ride. When Gray went into the store, Jimdar, covered head-to-toe in bruises and blood, fled from the car and requested assistance from a man driving a tow truck. He told her to get in the truck, and took her to a different, nearby gas station to get her away from her husband. Once parked, the man gave Jimdar his cell phone and she called the police.

When officers arrived, Jimdar presented with obvious indications that she had been assaulted, and related that during the ordeal she had been strangled to the edge of unconsciousness. “I observed that the reporting female victim was small in stature and appeared to be upset. She looked as if she had been physically assaulted, judging from the injuries and blood on her face.”

Jimdar was treated at a local hospital, where she stated that her husband had hit her numerous times, choked her and threatened to kill her with a sharp serrated bread knife. Jimdar was taken to a safe location as the police attempted to locate and arrest Gray, who had barricaded himself inside their Goodyear home and refused to come out, leading to a SWAT callout at his residence.

Remarkably, at some point Gray managed to leave the house undetected (other than by some Ring doorbell cameras) while the SWAT team was out front. He is seen in Ring videos shirtless and jumping neighbors’ fences in the dark.

Come morning, Gray returned home after allegedly having been out playing football. As soon as he was recognized he was taken into custody by officers on scene.

This is the rather bizarre interrogation of Bryshere Ronald Gray. Who is a really bad liar.

Excerpted from a report titled Initial Analysis of Bryshere Gray’s phone: “There were several images of a woman, or women, with little clothing on and topless. These images were not of Candice. This is consistent with Candice’s statement that she found evidence of other women on Bryshere Gray’s phone, leading to the assault.” (Yes, you read that correctly. According to Jimdar, she found evidence on his phone that he had been cheating on her — far from the first time. In response to her finding evidence of him cheating, he beat the hell out of her.)


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42 thoughts on “Empire Star Bryshere Gray Interrogated by Goodyear Police

  1. Because a number of people have asked, we will not be posting any videos of Ms. Jimdar in relation to this incident without her consent. Unlike many of the people who appear on Real World Police, victims of crime — particularly violent crime — typically have done nothing to diminish their right to privacy. For more details on this incident, see the video description.

    *Ms. Jimdar appears in our coverage of Bryshere Gray's detention in Florida after he allegedly battered a 7/11 employee. That video is at rwp.yt/gray.

  2. This had to be the most draining interrogation I’ve ever witnessed. The stories are coo coo crazy! Is he still in prison. She needs to Deforce him and find a man that would appreciate her inner and outer beauty

  3. "I'ma artist" aint we all ? All ya gotta do is claim it, I saw jewelry made from bird crap once on the Johnny Carson show done by an artist. This guy I hope he gets everything he deserves.

  4. These dispatchers really need to try to pay attention to what the caller is saying, I'm sure they are sitting there scarfin donuts and Mountain Dew but someones life may depend on it.

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