39 thoughts on “El Charo In Cuffs

  1. Bro, you should take it to the next level and pull a gun on the next cop you see…pretty sure the aftermath of that would save the world from your incessant whining, blathering, and pointless existence.

  2. Hey new subscriber here… I've seen your videos and other with you in them and honestly just noticed I wasn't subscribed….! I really enjoy your content, your knowledge , and your willingness to stand tall fighting for our rights

  3. James, my daddy said from time to time, there needs to be a cleaning of the cesspool. and all garbage cans need scrubbing out. It is we the people are the rulers of all government offices, it is our responsibility to clean house.

  4. I really hate to say it but since there's plenty of case law out there and they continue to violate People's First Amendment rights it's probably time we start resisting and using our second amendment rights I agree with you in an earlier video you guys should start going out with armed militia men it seemed the work in Dallas when they kept arresting people feeding the homeless

  5. Police states use overwhelming, crushing force to quell the slightest challenge to their power. They go after auditors with cameras, not because they fear being held accountable (rare, even with video), but to squash any mockery foisted upon them by a citizenry that indeed, has been reduced to ONLY mocking them.

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