Ego Driven Cop Detains And Cites Man For Free Speech

UW-La Crosse Police
605 17th St N, La Crosse, WI 54601
(608) 789-9000


On September 9th 2021 University of Wisconsin Lacrosse Police were working outside a construction site at the university to deter football fans from walking across the site. After opening the fenced off area to confront a female crossing the site, Matt McCormick follows the officers through the opening. Officers confront Matt and tell him they can’t let him cross. Matt turns to walk back the way he came while uttering the words “kiss my ***. One of the officers exclaims, “oh yeah!” and immediately grabs Matt placing him in cuffs. The officer proceeds to write Matt a citation for resisting or obstructing an officer. His partner holds him in handcuffs while he writes the ticket.

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40 thoughts on “Ego Driven Cop Detains And Cites Man For Free Speech

  1. So you can actually get a citation nowadays if you hurt a tyrant’s feelings and tell them to kiss your butt? Where do they do that at? I wanna know so I don’t set foot in that place🙄

  2. I know for a fact both those officers should be fired because that guy had all the right to do what he has to because Dad and his company and his construction site he don’t need ID on property at all they didn’t have the right to grab him or arrest him or give him a ticket or threaten his sons life or his career

  3. need to fire their asses without pay. they are not only loose, but they are glass cannons who can't keep their emotion in their pants, but had to splurt them across that man's face, his wife's face, and even their son's faces. DISGUSTING.

  4. The fact the cops continue to fight the Supreme Court's rulings and Constitutional rights shows their level of respect for law.
    when police don't like you they do the 1 thing they do to everyone they don't like, it's grab thier ID and run their name under any criminal data base in hopes to find a reason to arrest them.. it's nearly 2022 and Police STILL think it's normal to act like Nazis demanding everyone to obey them and hand them our papers just cause they want us to..

    Police can do a LOT of damage to you if they do not like you and have all your ID, talking about ''accidentally'' putting you on watch lists,

    leaking addresses, SIN, date of birth, they can say you're a flight risk etc. it is NOT their job to ID citizens, that's a false ideal put into their head by other bad officers that believe they can do anything they want.

    There was a guy who made a complaint about a police chief once and a few days later 9 officers showed up at their door at 2am saying there was a 911 call from a land line with a number that didn't match the home owner's,

    then rather then leaving after they where told to they forced their way into the home hitting the owner and started to question them repeatedly refusing to leave.

  5. My wife would be out on the street if she did me like this during the same situation. Thankfully I didn't marry this type of backstabbing itch. My wife even if I was wrong would have my back & when we got home then would yell at me lol

  6. The ONLY reason they cuffed him is because he hurt their feelings. That’s a no no when you’re dealing with DOMESTIC TERRORISTS EARNING THE HATE WITH EVERY ENCOUNTER. We don’t need to defund the police, we need to REFORM the police and the first two steps would be to abolish QUALIFIED IMMUNITY and INTERNAL AFFAIRS. Make bad cops responsible and accountable for violating their oath. This will weed out the bad ones and gradually replace them with good ones.

  7. Tyrants in action. Power hungry, egomaniacs can't stand someone speaking freely. This man did absolutely nothing wrong. He was walking away for goodness sake ! Like James said, he may have been rude but he's free to do that i tnought …….

  8. Everytime I watch this abuse my head explodes!! This uncontrollable stance these idiots take, that are then reinforced and protected by their superiors has gone too far and for too long!! What a way to bring unity with the people!! Something bad is going to happen if this behavior doesn't get under control!!

  9. Ladies and Gentlemen we have more feelings police. This was 100% butthurt of tyrants self perceived power over us mere peasants. Yes the guy was unnecessarily rude but that didn't justify what they then did.

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