DUI: Marijuana

Despite the fact that recreational marijuana is legal for adults in ten states (plus Washington DC), I haven’t seen many videos online showing motorists accused of impairment due to weed.

In line with this channel’s MO, let’s change that.

Related background information:

In this video you will hear mention of the fact that Washington State established a blood level THC cutoff for per se impairment.

Interestingly, as time has gone by law enforcement, law-makers and scientists have learned that the figure is not particularly reliable. Even Washington Traffic Safety Commission research director Staci Hoff has stated on the record that the number is completely arbitrary. “[The per se blood limit for THC of 5ng/ml wasn’t backed by scientific theories then, and it’s not backed by scientific theories now,” said Hoff.

Though the per se limit for alcohol is not perfect (as tolerance dramatically changes effects), .08% is a better predictor of intoxication than the limit for THC. That’s because THC is a fat soluble drug. According to Hoff, chronic users of chronic [okay, she didn’t say that] who haven’t smoked recently could still exhibit a blood THC level of 10 – 20 ng per ml , but not be impaired. Conversely, someone who smokes for the first time might register no THC in their blood while still being too impaired to drive.


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Author: rafael.nieves


25 thoughts on “DUI: Marijuana

  1. lactate? you lactate? lol. DUI marijuana is such bullshit. There are so many legal recreational states…yet they want to arrest people for driving high….NEVER ADMIT YOU ARE HIGH TO A COP…THEY WILL FIND ANY EXCUSE TO ARREST YOU. I am a medical marijuana card holder. I am allowed to posses in NY…but im not allowed to drive high? you know how many people drive high daily without being a legal card holder? Just more excuses for Cops to arrest people unjustly. all about the $$$$$$$

  2. Like many non-Americans I struggle with the idea of the whole FST thing. And now even more.. If it is a test to see if you either are capable of driving, or need to go and take a breath test and you do really good on the tests, shouldn't that mean that you are good to go? Especially since he wasn't pulled over because of his driving 🙄 I think the cop just wanted an excuse to go to the station for a while.

  3. God these are tough to watch. Marijuana DUIs are definitely a sham. Ur pretty much back to normal after an hour or so with a residual buzz but ur ever really stoned af for an hourish. I prefer not to drive high because of how bad the dui procedures are at figuring out how intoxicated someone is on THC. but I’ve had situations where I was 17 just finished smoking and my parents called me to come home and I drove home perfectly fine. I also get stoned af before I cook sometimes and I’m operating around very dangerous things like boiling hot water very sharp knives (so sharp I cut through beef bones like butter) and hot surfaces and I’ve NEVER hurt myself.

  4. Same thing happened to me when I was 20, and the cop apologize when he booked me in county like he knew he arrested me for no reason. I got a lawyer out of the yellow pages and she showed up to court smelling like alchohol and turns out she was a stripper. Long story short, sh*t show

  5. I'm in the same situation besides I blew 0.0 on the breathalyzer because I don't drink. I admitted to being high an hour before driving, yet my tolerance is so high it was very mild and I even told the officer I don't feel impaired. Pulled over cause my passenger wasn't wearing a seatbelt yet I had no idea at the time. 3 indications during the field sobriety test, first 9 steps i turned around instead of small steps. Second set of 9 I stopped at nine and put my foot down. Which he put in the report as "after the second step of 9 he ended with one approximate halfstep."
    Im so confused. Any advice? I do realize admitting to being high while driving is idiotic but I was not impaired. Im sure most people with higher tolerance can relate?

  6. This guy is higher than a satellite 🤣🤣. Officer was on point here and was obviously trained in drug recognition. Many departments have drug recognition experts and they are considered expert witnesses in most courts. Which means that if they assess you during a traffic stop, you'll probably get convicted. Dont do drugs and drive, it's not worth it.

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