23 thoughts on “Dude throws man over BRIDGE into water (no injuries) body camera from Daytona police!

  1. That's exactly what I do when a date turns out to be a 'me…me…look at me…female power…me, me, I'm so righteous' brainwashed egotistical creature. Isn't that the way it should be done ?

  2. Thank you… The comedy you guys produce on a daily basis is… unfathomable !
    You have such a HUGE resource of borderline humans that it defies reality !
    I believe you have created the PERFECT SOCIETY… for criminals at ALL levels.

  3. I'm gonna pretend code 4 = good swimmer.

    Also, if he had shot that guy when he wasn't complying would it be justified? he's not armed but he did throw a man off a bridge…

  4. 1) did he deserve it? Some, in my experience, do. This is the first time I've seen it happen.

    2) dude's got balls throwing whatever the heck he threw, besides the person, over the bridge right in front of the cop.

    3) he threw a person over a bridge in front of a cop. That bears repeating.

  5. Whatever he threw into the water, probably going to be the biggest charge he faces.

    Your witness is this video, which clearly shows the guy didn't jump.

  6. I have been a 911 paramedic in very big cities to out in the middle of nowhere (Odd, West Virginia) and have seen more terrible things than any human has to see for 29 years. With that said I never leave home without a way of knowing that I am to young to die and I am to old to take a ass whipping and to be thrown off a bridge. Send the guys with the chalk.

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