48 thoughts on “Donkey of the Day – R. Kelly (8-8-16)

  1. Why isnt he locked up yet? There is so much evidence and an abundant amount of witnesses/victims. #muterkelly It is fucking sick. He is doing it in plain sight. It is beyond disgusting. How many more victims do we need to be affected by this creep. It is heartbreaking.

  2. Well Well Well CTG… Looks like your little perverted ass is in hot water… Throwing stones at R Kelly when your secretly 10 times worse than he will ever be… What's done in the dark comes to the light

  3. Why am I not surprised? The woman he's either with are either barely legal or just finished middle school entering high school. That girl is the same age as me and that sure as hell ain't ok. Because of his past he lost his pass to date woman that are either 18 or 19 and is being judged on it. He can have any woman he wants but instead chooses woman who's albums are older than the woman he's with. Shit the albums already finshed college and went to their high school reunion. Instead of Donkey of the Day his ass needs Donkey Hall of Fame. My word is bond.

  4. when you are under the spotlight and has been known for suspect behavior… chill but not Kels he needs help..he probably can have any woman he wants…he has a problem.. there's nothing a 20 yr old can only offer a 50 yr man nothing but sex….

  5. now some of us know damn well these 18,19,20 year olds are doing drugs and alcohol. I how they still have their vaginas when not so young anymore to them. lol these women thank they just rkellys, lol the catch is they gonna have to f who ever he say when and how. the life of high paid whores.

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