12 Pet Peeves of Cops

I give you a little insider info as to my top 12 pet peeves as a cop. But hey, maybe you’d add to the list or take away from it. Lemme know in the comments.

If you’re NOT a cop, feel free to post your good humored pet peeves of cops 🙂

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25 thoughts on “12 Pet Peeves of Cops

  1. I haven't laughed this hard in a very long time !It was so damn TRUE ! I was on the job for 21 years so I can relate to everything you said !Thank You !

  2. I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve been pulled over, and other than that I’ve had no interaction with the police. They were only traffic related. First time, my car didn’t rock back when I stopped at a stop sign. Second time, I crossed the yellow triangle part of the lane when exiting the highway. Third time, someone rolled into the back of my car while we were at a red light. Fourth time was when I was a passenger and the driver was speeding.
    My pet peeve is when someone takes their bad day out on me. All but the last of those traffic stops was extremely unpleasant, for no reason that I could determine. I don’t argue, I don’t escalate, I don’t make excuses or try to talk my way out of anything. If I have a problem I can contest the ticket. The only time a cop was polite and pleasant to me was when I wasn’t the one driving. Maybe holding the steering wheel makes me look like a Karen? 😂
    Anyway, I just wish more ppl gave each other the benefit of the doubt. I got one cop that I was able to laugh and joke with, and I loved it. I hope it happens a lot more often. Not that I get pulled over but you know what I mean.

  3. When you're trying to set a perimeter and the one guy does not stop moving. Hey where's the south side of our perimeter….. NON EXISTENT

  4. my pet peeve is ppl on ATVs and ATCs going under 10 mph, like i cant do that otherwise i get feed up and the first opportunity i get i pass them. so me and my dad are pretty much the only ppl that ride ATCs ( ATC stands for 3 wheeler) and ATVs in the house. and whenever my older sister goes riding or my mom they are always going like 5 mph, and i am on the dirt bike behind bearly making it up the hill, and i am saying to my self "GO FRICKEN FASTER, WE ARE CRAWLING I AM GOING TO LOOSE MY MIND IF GO THIS FAST THE HOLE WAY AROUND THE TRAILS." so ya that is my pet peeve.

  5. Stupidity is my biggest pet peeve and I’m guessing that would be a cops biggest peeve because unfortunately as we all know there’s a lot of stupidity out there.

  6. Shithead criminals who train their kids to hate cops because they like doing illegal things are disgusting, kids don't realise cops arrest their parents for drugs or dui, theft, assault etc.

  7. Oh my God – What hell cops go through not wonder they like to ratchet handcuff till your fingers fall off. No one on EARTH goes through hell like that. They were picked on in High School, and then not worshiped when they go out in their costumes. Look how stupid Cops act when someone legally carries a gun and JUST thinks how we the "THEM" (In US vs THEM) civilians feel when an EGO comes over carrying his Batman Utility Belt and Blue Gang Quilaifed Immunity Card, right or wrong no responsibility, we do start to act strange. Two things I tell my kids, Nothing Good Happens After 10 PM, and when you see a cop turn around and go the other way. You know how welfare checks turn out in America.

  8. 1 in 10 people are so dumb they can't be profitably employed. They actually will cost their company more money then they can possibly make for their employer. So how many of the people that cops have to come into contact with each day, are from this 10% ?

    Mike, your job makes you a magnet for the 10%

    I know you have this figured out. What can I say, your video is entertaining, but it's also kind of Doh, water's wet, etc.

  9. Dear officer, If a teenager runs away from home more than 4 times you really need to stop and ask what the hell is going on at home that they would feel the need to run it really is not a normal teen behavior guys you never know if craps going down at home and don't always believe the parents when they say the kid has issues half the issues are caused by siblings and parents and parents can and do lie to authorities to save their own rears you know you don't have to black and blue to know that a parent shouldn't shove a kid into a bird cage seriously you guys pay attention kids don't repeatedly go awall for nothing

  10. When I’m taking a break at a local restaurant and people think it’s time to walk up to the table and ask legal questions. Or they want to talk shop, when I’m trying to get away from the shop for short pause.

  11. From doing tech support for 8 years, we get a lot of the same issues. I worked graveyard shift and someone would call in just to make a report about some random stuff that happened last week. We also get people trying to help the person while I’m on the phone with them. We also get the over-explainer that has 1,000 too many details. We also get the “but thats the only way I know how” people. 🤣

  12. One time a cop suv stopped in front of my house, in front of the mailbox. He appeared to be looking for something in the backseat. Me being the anxious kid I was, went to go ask this officer if everything was okay. He got really annoyed and said "you see me standing here? Not at your door? That means everything's okay." I felt bad then when I was 17 but now seeing this video, I hope he never remembers the encounter.

  13. I'll admit I've asked a officer if everything is ok but in my defense this is after they approached me and started asking 21 questions and I'm starting to wonder if I should just run to nearest bomb shelter. Anyway thanks for the videos. Interesting stuff.

  14. number 10 can fuck off. if 6 cop cars pull up to my house and start walking around im asking. unless they're in gear that immediately conveys stay out of the way or running around with urgency I want to know what level of concern I should have. and I have experienced this.

    as for cops. don't ask me if I know why you pulled me over. I dont want to guess. just tell me and we can both get on with our day. you sound like uncle Sam asking me how much tax money I owe. you tell me. you'll audit me if I'm wrong so let's skip the formalities.

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