Democrats Debate: Neoliberal ‘Pragmatists’ Vs. People Pushing for Systemic Change

Pacifica’s Sonali Kolhatkar joins us to delve into what the divide means, how the power of the Sander’s movement can push change, and what lies ahead in the war against Trump.

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31 thoughts on “Democrats Debate: Neoliberal ‘Pragmatists’ Vs. People Pushing for Systemic Change

  1. Americans know exactly what Bernie is talking about but down south people and upper middle class people don’t care about the homeless or uninsured or underpaid workers unemployment they are good so they don’t care about people living in nyc

  2. If Biden looses..Bernie supporters will be blamed no matter what. The DNC will never take responsibility for propping up another neoliberal candidate such as Joe Biden. The only chance we have is forming a 3rd party.

  3. Only Bernie , Biden has a horrible record. Here we go again same as 2016, 2 terrible choices, instead of real change.. I live with my family in Thailand, because I can’t afford The unaffordable healthcare insurance cost. I had to quit my unstable job in Hawaii. My cobra payment was $600 a month and now will be 1400, insanity. No Joe you are so wrong, we need REAL hope and change

  4. Sell outs – DNC, Bernie – best government money can buy – and they "own" both parties. No one likes change, so Trump stays in power.
    Biden disingenuous – NO, HE IS A LIAR.

  5. So, voters are responsible for informing themselves, they had 4 years to learn about Bernie and many sat back and allowed themselves to be brainwashed. Also, Italy is #2 according to the world health organization healthcare rankings… America is #37. The richest country in the world US will totally collapse as a society if we were hit by a health crisis as they were. Bernie should point this out and Biden is misinforming the public and he's paid by the Insurance industry.

  6. 5000 years ago, Moses said, "Pack up you camel, pick up your shovel, mount
    your ass, and I will lead you to the promised land."
    5000 years later, F. D. Roosevelt said, " Lay down your shovel, sit on your
    ass and light up a camel, this is the Promised Land."
    Today, the Rulers in Government will tax your shovel, steal your camel, kick your ass, put you in a Cage
    and tell you that the Promised Land is More Government and More Socialism.

    Name a Government Program that Works and Does not cost the Taxpayers a Fortune! NONE!
    War Is A Racket By Major General Smedley Butler –
    Major General Smedley Butler – "There are only two things we should fight for. One is the defense of our homes and the other is the Bill of Rights.”

  7. the fact that biden is even on the stage at this point tells me this dnc rigged system is fake. the guy only has support from a minority of real voters. its painfully obvious as he literally offers voters nothing except more of the same raping and pillaging of the elites to continue. biden=trump. same crap…the media has created the biden campaign as seemingly plausible just like they created trump. why oh why god do we let the snake cnn media hold any debate when they are shot through with CIA agents and corp tools. we desperately need another revolution now. under these parties ruling us for the last 50 years the united states has become financially bankrupt, morally bankrupt, technically bankrupt, unable to win a war, and have left our constitution shredded on the floor. they have lost their mandate to rule. bernie or bust….vote green because at least your not enabling this farce to continue any longer.

  8. exactly, Biden talks out of both sides of his neck, for sure. he told untruths when Sen Sanders asked to tell the truth then said after Biden was dishonest "look on youtube" you will see Biden's many many issues. Thank you both. MArk you always help us make things clear and very informed.

  9. all people who are reading this and thinking shit is hacked. Go out (not necessarily literally) and connect with the non-usual suspects, to overcome the voting-rigging, voter suppresion, MSM-brainwashing, we all need to reach out and overwelmingly dominate the establishment. Also bring attention to #exitpolls while you're at it.

  10. I can't see any difference between trump and Biden. If Biden is the nominee,I'm not voting for him. He's just another neoliberal Zionist warhawk with a long history of racism,misogyny,and right wing politics.

  11. I’m sure Italy hates Biden after that statement and Italian people are suffering right now.what a heartless fuck…plus he would veto M4A.making that statement during a pandemic

  12. I live in Switzerland and find it interesting to hear these expert journalists proclaim why things are as bad as they are in Italy (IT). Honestly, these people do not understand shit. The Liberal Left here is dreaming on somebody else's dime.

    Italy, with its geography, political complexity and constructs (historical city states), massive tourism industry, demographics…it doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand why this country has been impacted so hard and so early vis a vis COVID-19.

    Had IT instituted a travel ban with China, as early as the US under Trump, they might've avoided the amplitude of the COVID-19 spike, which could've minimized some of the stress this country is seeing on its medical resources, buying some time. But if you know anything about IT, you would know such decisive action is IMPOSSIBLE.

  13. The choice between GOPs and Dems is like the quick, tough road to corporate domination or the slower, candycoated road to corporate domination. Tomorrow I'll vote for Sanders in AZ's primary. I STILL think that at the moment Biden seals the nomination we need to support him energetically. There is much that can be done at the state-wide & local levels, & in winning US Congressional & Senate seats. Also supporting good organizations like Public Citizen, etc. And building that progressive movement for 2024.

  14. You can’t SCARE US! Foundational Black Americans will vote for TANGIBLES and tangibles ONLY. We’re not going for the okie doke of lesser of WS policies and practices. Maybe you’ll learn this lesson in time-maybe not. 🤷🏾‍♂️

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