As Corporate Capitalists Beg For Socialism, Let’s Not Forget They Tried To Destroy It

Social programs and Medicare for All could help keep people at home to slow the spread of coronavirus, but mainstream media pundits continue to fearmonger during discussions of socialism.

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28 thoughts on “As Corporate Capitalists Beg For Socialism, Let’s Not Forget They Tried To Destroy It

  1. Socialism is immoral. You are talking about gov and police corruption but you are gonna have to use police and gov to force people into socialism. The dems and reps are the same authoritarians.

  2. Here we are, it is October 10th 2022 Joe Biden is POTUS the Democrats have control of BOTH chambers of Congress and NOTHING HAS CHANGED!!! TRUMP IS NOT IN PRISON and MITCH MCcONNELL SAYS JUMP and Pelosi & Schumer reply HOW HIGH!!!!!!!!!

  3. Just a simple, heart-felt observation from another jaded US slave:
    Human hstory, especially that which wickedly unfolded during the 20th century, has taught us that an inevitably-corrupted Socialist/Communist political system destroys wealth, self-identity, loss of natural rights, and ultimately leads to mass genocide, insufferable poverty, and total enslavement of the masses, and, just like an inevitably-corrupted capitalist system, such as the one we are suffering from now, ends up having an all-powerful greedy, ruthless ruling class of parasitic psychopathic elites — controlling and feeding off of it at the top, and at the expense of everyone else.
    (So, what's the answer? Who the hell really knows? On with the show!)

  4. are you promoting communism and fighting for American civil Rights ? im confused i thought this was a channel based on civil rights in this country

  5. Sorry, name one socialist country who has handled the virus better? Yes I agree there are issues with the healthcare system. Those issues are present due to insurance companies controlling the market. If there was a true free and open market, not only would health care be affordable, they would provide better service. Those things will not be true if Government controls the market. Not sure if you have noticed, but anything the government controls turns to crap. If you think that giving police power to check vaccination status, and close businesses would have us in a better position, you're a fool. The real failure with handling this virus, is the lack of early and effective treatment options.

  6. I was with u right up until the end when u came out with the "white men" bullshit. Don't make this about race, because you're only muddying the waters. U said yourself Nancy Pelosi, who if I am not mistaken is a woman, is part of the problem, so keep your prejudices out of it please.

  7. You can't expect people to just blindly accept a whole new system they know nothing about. Has it ever been spelled out in detail how this system works and is sustainable? Socialisms voice has more chances to be heard than any other time in history. Surely in this day and age socialism has its own voice; Right?. What is socialisms youtube channel?

  8. This pandemic exposed how bad inequality his in America,i always heard it but to see it.just a week or two after the pandemic hit folks who was working just prior can be seen long lines of cars begin for food to eat,very unpleasant sight richest nation on planet earth .why is the free market system just keep demanding more in cost to live but never wages to compensate raising costs? capitalism needs to be managed regulate and cap.

  9. Hi from New Zealand, can someone please note for me or suggest the online news media website that was most prevalent in framing information on Bernie Sanders (undermining his campaign) in the 2016 election – so I can interrogate them in my upcoming assignment lol. As I'm not familiar with US news platforms I'm struggling to find the most forceful evidence. Many thanks!

  10. Does this make sense to everyone. If so please tell others my idea.

    One week after you have recovered from the virus and are no longer contagious or at risk get a card from you doctor that exempts you from all restrictions imposed to prevent the virus from spreading and help the economy recover more quickly and cut down on unemployment.

  11. You can’t touch them there money is safe . It will crash it will go into depression the people will work there way out of it pay there tax and when the smoke has settled they will be back claiming they drive the economy rinse and repeat

  12. And stop lying to people we don't like welfare or medicare or social security. GET RID OF THEM NOW THEY HAVE NO PLACE IN AMERICA. You life choices are your own and you are responsible for them. If you are born less fortunate then others that is the straw you are drawn but whether you stay there or not is of your own volition. If you are born with handicaps that is the card you were drawn and the needs that you have are your own and your families, not mine.

  13. Sick. . . Please keep your socialism to yourself's I'll stick to self reliability and responsibility and preparing for a situation myself.. I will not pay for your fears or life choices. COVID-19 does not warrant this response this is tryanny and government overreach of power. "Those who would trade liberty for temporary security deserve neither, Liberty nor Security."

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