Defusing the ever-present threat of nuclear war

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On June 12, 1982, one million people gathered in Central Park to demand nuclear disarmament and an end to the Cold War arms race in the hope that humanity could avoid the ever-present threat of mutually assured destruction. Unfortunately, the dangerous production and stockpiling of civilization-ending nuclear weapons has continued, and the threat of nuclear catastrophe persists. On the 40th anniversary of the historic gathering in Central Park, with a focus on the current terrible dangers of nuclear war and the imperative of taking action to reduce them, the RootsAction Education Fund hosted the Defuse Nuclear War livestream, which brought together a range of presenters to renew calls for nuclear disarmament and to catalyze grassroots organizing. With permission from the event organizers, The Real News is publishing this panel discussion for our audience.

Nearly 100 peace, disarmament, and social justice organizations co-sponsored this event, which was sponsored by the RootsAction Education Fund. The livestream features presentations from a wide range of speakers, including Ryan Black, Hanieh Jodat Barnes, Medea Benjamin, Jerry Brown, Leslie Cagan, Mandy Carter, Emma Claire Foley, Pastor Michael McBride, Khury Petersen-Smith, David Swanson, Katrina vanden Heuvel, India Walton, and Ann Wright. This livestream also includes the world premiere of a video featuring Daniel Ellsberg on “defusing the threat of nuclear war,” produced by Oscar-nominated director Judith Ehrlich.

Post-Production: Dwayne Gladden

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22 thoughts on “Defusing the ever-present threat of nuclear war

  1. Atom actually means = unsplittable.
    You guys were taught Atomism instead of real physics = Magnetism.
    There are no Quarks, Strangeness, Charm, gruons, nuons, god particles.

    Fat man & Little boy were mostly Kinetic with some fancy post editing to fool an already dumbed down tv audience who aren't allowed to question mainstream group-thought.
    the towns were Firebombed.
    Math guy and crapitalist Einstein was a known liar. He gave us 0. Discovered 0. Invented 0. His 2 theories are religion, faith is needed because no one has ever seen god particles just as no one has ever seen god.

    It was inventor, engineer and Physics genius Dr Nikola Tesla [700+ inventions, Field theory, universe is fields, magnetic fields, not particle-wave Duality nonsense] who gave us our Modern World, our industrial revolution, his tesla-coil is in every engine [Socialist, died in poverty, what a sweetheart] he gave us Wireless, Wifi, Microwave tech, Vape tech, Magnet tech, Antigravity, Holograms and so on! He was ya boy! <3

  2. Nuclear war is inevitable because most people don't give a shit about it. They would rather be on their screen. Furthermore, as long as their bellies are full and they access to porno, tik tok cat videos, and twitter, most young people alive today don't give a damn.
    Also, the 60's peace movement is so retro. It's so much ancient history. God, Joan Baez and Donovan, talk about a blast from the past – how pathetic can you be. If this is the best the modern peace movement in America can come up with we are all doomed!

  3. If you "connect" other issues with ending nuclear war we will all loose. We will have to work with all kinds of people we as lefty's disagree with on almost every other issue. United "we" (all humans) may survive. Divided we all die in a nuclear war.

  4. Shallow approach, crying about nukes without mentioning neoliberal capitalist system which promotes greed and is tyrannical in its core. And why is Russian military operation ‘unconscionable’? After thirty years of West consistently breaking its promises and rejecting diplomacy, after 70 years of CIA grooming Nazis in Ukraine, after 8 years of shelling Russian speaking civilians by UkroNazi government, not to mention burning them alive in Odessa just a few short years ago – what exactly do you propose Russia should have done?! You are dooming your movement because you are talking about a problem as if it exist in a vacuum. Nukes are bad, yeah, but without solving everything that is leading up to their use, primarily dismantling belligerent neoliberal totalitarian model, removing nukes would be ill advised.

  5. It's crazy to think that there are enough bombs/missiles out there to blow up the earth, like literally 20 times over, at any given moment, and most people probably wont even get to know why all life was just exterminated. Some argument between Kim Jong Un, and Queen Elizabeth, and suddenly 99 luft nukes go by, and no life is left on the planet. Tell me that's not both terrifying, and insane. Personally I have 0 doubt that's why aliens never contacted us. How dumb would you have to be to tell humans, who can't even coexist with other humans, that your species exists. As a concept alone it's just insane.

  6. We need to PUSH FOR NUCLEAR WAR. This planet is a cesspool, society is filthy, stupid, disgusting and OVER. I pray nightly for the Apocalypse! END IT.

  7. off topic somewhat but you should turn on the ceiling fan so you can bump the thermostat up a few degrees and help the environment. not enough people know this, including medea benjamin apparently

  8. I'm not worried about war with Russia or China.

    I'm worried about the fact that the guy with the nukes has said "you need nukes to revolt".

    It's getting pretty desperate out there. Record inflation. Record gas prices. Crime rates skyrocketing.
    An upcoming election with results that are expected to flip just about everything. Biden impeachment hearings starting in February or so, will Biden go peacefully under any circumstances?

  9. 👁️✝️🛐👁️⚖️🍞🕯️💧🌡️😠🌋🌪️🌫️🔥👀👂🙏⏳, buckle up and get right with your MAKER GOD JESUS CHRIST because it's going to get worse and when they say peace and safety then sudden destruction, Prophecy slapping us in the face ⏳

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