Dashcam Video Captures Car Crashing Into Police Cruiser

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York Regional Police are warning drivers to slow down and move over for emergency vehicles after an officer was injured earlier this week when a car ran into the back of a stopped police cruiser in Richmond Hill. The officer, with the Traffic Enforcement Unit, was seated inside an unmarked cruiser with emergency lights activated in the right lane of Hwy. 7 east of Hunters Point Drive after stopping another vehicle at 2:45 p.m. Monday .

The police cruiser was struck from behind by a Honda CRV and the force of the collision pushed the cruiser into an Audi Q5 that had initially been stopped by the officer. All three drivers, including the police officer, were taken to hospital suffering from non-life-threatening injuries. All have since been released. Hwy. 7 was closed in both directions from Bathurst Street to Yonge Street for several hours after the collision.

The investigation is ongoing and any witnesses who have not yet spoken with police are being asked to come forward. Sgt. Andy Pattendon reminded drivers this week that the law requires them to slow down and pass with caution when approaching an emergency vehicle or a tow truck with its amber lights flashing and stopped facing the same direction you are going.

“If the road has two or more lanes, you must leave a lane of space between you and the emergency vehicle, if you can do so safely,” he said. Drivers can be charged if they fail to do so, and face penalties for a first offence ranging from to three demerit points upon conviction and possible suspension of driver’s licence for up to two years.

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** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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33 thoughts on “Dashcam Video Captures Car Crashing Into Police Cruiser

  1. I can't help but feel like the original person that was stopped had this accident in the back of his mind planned. There's clearly plenty of shoulder for him to pull off to but instead decides to stop in lane. I don't know whether or not his vehicle was not working properly but from what I can tell (from the video and description) everything was fine. Seems silly to me!

  2. …………..Just stop in a live lane on a highway….that makes perfect sense. It's always a happy ending………..errr …no…. that's
    backwards………………IT'S NEVER A HAPPY ENDING…………..still haven't figured that out eh?

  3. Police in my area always turn their steering wheel fully to the left when doing a traffic stop. It gives approaching drivers the illusion that the police might pull out into traffic at any moment. Additionally it provides extra safety for the officers; if they do get rear-ended the squad car will steer to the side rather than straight into the traffic stop.

    Either way, the driver of the CRV in this instance was clearly not paying attention as they started to brake way too late. Probably distracted driving.

  4. More stupid, uneducated trash bags driving cars when they have no business or talent for it. Glad they caught it on film so this jerk can't say the cop backed up INTO him, as I know they'd TRY to do. I hope the victims were okay at least.

  5. There is a two way road near my place that has 2 lanes and a side walk and cops always pull people over and stop right in the middle of the right lane. I know it is this persons fault for hitting the cars but this policy is stupid.

  6. Police were not intelligent either "Hwy. 7 was closed in both directions from Bathurst Street to Yonge Street for several hours after the collision."

  7. Not that it excuses anything on the driver's part, but the rearward lighting looks pretty weak on the stopped cruiser. Those twinkly patterns with tiny LED modules aren't easily discernible at greater distances or higher speeds. I'm frankly surprised they're even still allowed on the ground, they look impressive up close but fail at actually providing reliable warning, which should really be consideration number one with emergency vehicle lighting.

    Take a look at the California Highway Patrol's lightbar setup – 75 FPM alternating solid colors both front and rear. That's the kind of setup that provides clear warning at a distance. Massachusetts State Police has a night flash pattern that's just a solid bar at reduced intensity after one too many incidents of intoxicated drivers being drawn over to a parked cruiser twinkling like a pinball machine. Those are the kinds of things scientifically proven to work. This doesn't.

  8. When I was trained to drive, I was instructed that when I was to pull over it had to be in a safe area. I had a police officer once ask me to pull off the highway since it was unsafe. This is idiocy!

  9. To you folk who blame the cops for where they stop: I'm going to assume that when you're stopped and pulled over on a road like this by an officer, you drive up onto the side walk to ensure the officers safety as well as yours……… RIGHT!

    Soooo with that being said, the idiot who slammed into the back of the officer who's patrol car is clearly equipped with working, flashing warning lights, needs and deserves to go to jail for texting on their phone while driving.

    PAY ATTENTION TO THE ROAD….. and drive defensively.

  10. Its very surprising the officer that pulled over the car didnt make him move it off the road, why even put yourself in that position. If it was a mechanical issue thats different however then why isnt the dashcam car also blocking the lane further back some. No excuse for the Honda driver to blindly run into the back of any car let alone a cruiser with lights, though sometimes those back window lights behind tinted windows in bright sunshine arent always the easiest to see. Person was more than likely on the phone or messing with the radio so any amount of lights might not of caught their attention.

  11. peopel can't drive worth shit anymore remember a car is like a loaded gun you can kill some one very easy your self your gf your kids for being a jackass AND GET OFF YOUR CELL PHONES

  12. 1) Why are they asking for additional witnesses? I think the dash video was pretty clear.
    2) Why did they have to close both sides of a divided highway in both directions to investigate a simple, minor-injury accident?
    3) The Audi driver was stupid to stop in the lane and not on the shoulder but the officer is even stupider for not making them pull all the way over.

  13. It didn't even look like the CRV braked at all. They should have their license revoked for either being unable to see properly or for careless driving.

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