Dash cam Video of Forceful Arrest of a Recalcitrant Motorist. Boerne Police Department. May 26-2020

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On Tuesday, May 26, 2020 at about 6:26 PM, Officer Cheyenne Weber of the Boerne Police Department, stopped 21-year-old Dionnie Minnard of Boerne, TX for speeding.

In the recording, Officer Weber is heard telling Ms. Minnard she was traveling 51 MPH in a 50 MPH zone; however, it is a 45 MPH zone and is documented on the written warning.

Ms. Minnard was also operating a motor vehicle without insurance and was displaying out of state license plates that had expired in 2019.

After Ms. Minnard was informed as to the reason why she was stopped, Officer Weber proceeded to ask for a current address since she only had an Arkansas driver’s license.

Ms. Minnard failed to comply with multiple requests which led to Officer Weber telling her she could be placed under arrest for Failure to Identify.

An offense of Failure to Identify is committed by a person when they intentionally refuse to or gives a false name, residence address, or date of birth (Texas Penal Code 38.02).

Even after several verbal warnings, Ms. Minnard still refused to comply and was subsequently told she was now under arrest for the offense of Failure to Identify.

Officer Weber asked Ms. Minnard to step out of her vehicle so she could be placed under arrest and Ms. Minnard refused.

Officer Weber called for additional officers to help him make his arrest in a safe manner and to prevent anyone from being hurt. Ms.

Minnard had to be physically removed and in doing so, Officer Weber was kicked in the face by Ms. Minnard. Even after being handcuffed, Ms.

Minnard continued to resist arrest and refused to be placed in the back of the police vehicle.

In the recording Ms. Minnard refers to being stopped by Officer Weber at a previous time.
Police Records show Officer Weber did in fact stop Ms. Minnard on May 13, 2020 for displaying expired registration.

During that stop, Ms. Minnard was issued a warning and advised to bring her vehicle registration in compliance with Texas laws.

All Use of Force incidents are reviewed by the chain of command. Although the use of force against Ms. Minnard does not look good, the officers in this incident acted with the necessary and reasonable amount of force.

Officer Weber was treated and released from Boerne Methodist ER for complaint of pain to his jaw. Ms. Minnard did not sustain any injuries during her arrest. Officer Weber is a nine-year veteran of the Boerne Police Department.

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40 thoughts on “Dash cam Video of Forceful Arrest of a Recalcitrant Motorist. Boerne Police Department. May 26-2020

  1. This behavior began a long time ago. She was able to get away with this at school and many other places as she grew up. Cant get away with disrespect like this in real life. They need to teach the kids early . SMH

  2. Bystander with camera:
    I'm about to get some police brutality right here.

    Reality: only caught someone acting entitled cussing at officers.

    Mom shows up: suspect goes from bad ass chick to whinny child.

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  5. Sorry, but this cop was being an asshole. One mile an hour over the speed limit? This isn't the first time that he has pulled her over. It's obvious that he has targeted her. She has ever right to be upset. I'll have to say this though, even though this was harassment, she should still have complied.

  6. All jokes aside, this cop does not have the right to arrest a parent for merely showing up.
    Many officers try to force the assumption that anyone called from the suspect to come help, is a threat to the officer.
    While some may be, that does not give the officer the right to just arrest anyone he wants.
    And pulled over for going 1 mile an hour over, but later edited to say she was going 6 miles over?
    Then we find out this cop had just recently pulled her over?
    This is a harassment charge just waiting in the wings.

  7. I know how to prevent this "racist behavior" by police. Liberal dems should pass a federal law that only black cops can stop black drivers and white cops stop white drivers. Problem solved and an end to "racism" by the police.

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