Dash cam: 3 Officers Shot by Home Invaders in Shootout – Prince George’s County PD. Aug 23-2020

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Dashcam of attack on officer: our agency arrested and charged two men for opening fire on patrol officers, shooting three of those officers. The patrol officers were attacked while responding to a call for a residential robbery in progress at a home in the 1300 block of Capital View Terrace in Landover on Sunday at 6:35 pm.

The suspects are 45-year-old Andre Larnell Smith of the 1000 block of Lancaster Boulevard in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, and 27-year-old Steven Maurice Warren of the 2100 block of Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue in Southeast, Washington. Both Smith and Warren face multiple charges to include first and second degree attempted murder, assault and gun charges.

The first arriving officer’s dashcam recorded the start of the unprovoked attack. The suspects opened fire as soon as that first officer stopped his cruiser. The officer was shot multiple times but was still able to return fire and make an emergency radio dispatch for help. The suspects got into their car and sped down the street before making a U-turn and headed back toward the officers. The suspects continued to fire on the officers while attempting to flee the area but crashed into a tree on Capital View Terrace. Both suspects suffered injuries related to the crash. Neither suspect was shot. They were then taken into custody. One weapon was recovered on the scene. A second was located in the suspects’ car.

Thankfully, two of the injured officers are now recovering at home and one remains hospitalized. Their injuries are not considered life-threatening. The wounded officers include a 15-year veteran, an officer with five years of service and one who joined the department four years ago.

A total of four officers discharged their duty weapons on the scene. They are now on routine administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation.4

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32 thoughts on “Dash cam: 3 Officers Shot by Home Invaders in Shootout – Prince George’s County PD. Aug 23-2020

  1. The news media is nothing but double standards, they will never report about any white person or cop being shot and killed, but it will be all over national news that a black man who is a criminal is shot and killed.

  2. He said he was thinking about they family. What about them unarmed black men that was killed by these kkk members. Them black men had kids also. Fuck them cops.

  3. Was there a police riot ? Did I miss it? Which courthouse did they take over and burn down? Oh… there not still animalistic ? They’ve evolved into full human? Oh okay.. that’s cool.

  4. This was a "fair fight"! Tha perps din't have tha drop on'em, the officers just lost a gunfight, that they SHOULD'VE been TRAINED, and emotionally PREPARED for.

    They roll up they gottabē READY to FIGHT!

    Can't say for certain, but the ONLY inbound round that gets a perp's attention, is 1 that impacts the ground, pitifully low. They don't seem to be concerned in tha slightest, with ANY incoming rounds, which means the officers did not RETURN FIRE, in any meaningful way! Sorry, Man! But! Just cuz u wanna be a cop, don't mean u SHOULD be 1…

  5. Wth is heroicsm?? Lady your an executive and you really just said some BS like that?! Are you kidding me?! It’s referred to as HEROISM ! Not heroicsm ! What school did you go to ?! I can’t believe you really just said that on LIVE TV in front of EVERYONE you know while trying to I guess show these brave ass officers the respect they deserve ….

  6. Hero-a-cisim!? How bout HEROISM, lady??? This is what OUR NATION gets for ‘placing people in positions’ based on gender &/or race!!!!!!!
    I’m not impressed by eloquently speaking ‘High ranking” dummies! Welcome to the world of BeijingBiden!!!

  7. Thank God one of these perps wasn’t hit by a bullet.
    There would be burning,looting and murder across the country for weeks or maybe even months.

  8. These scumbags & garbage should die in jail and never come out they should never be allowed to walk the streets again for they have no fear of the law when you shoot at Police you have lost your self respect

  9. All we are hearing is what Joe the joke says….only crap on blm! Well. If these guys were killed, it would be another murder of black lives. Hate the injustice. I had a home invasion. Thank God for my gsd k9. She tore him up or I would of bern murdered.

  10. Apparently Warren lived on MLK Ave. and didn't have any dreams to become something. He's dream?- go rip off someone and shoot it out with the cops. I wonder what Mr. King would says to this punk……who lived on MLK Ave…………….. ironic…………….

  11. This type of behavior should not be praised in music. Thugs are feeling emboldened to shoot at cops because of the agenda that some of our government pushes…

  12. Wow finally cops are seen as heroes. That’s the way it should be. I’m tired of them being drug down like there no good. In my eyes without them this world will be worse than it is

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