Dallas Cop Fatally Shoots Innocent Man After Entering The Wrong Apartment

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Author: phillyfinest369


23 thoughts on “Dallas Cop Fatally Shoots Innocent Man After Entering The Wrong Apartment

  1. She got nothing but love after being sentenced to 10 years.. Oh and the victim’s family actually forgave her and hugged her in court..

    Crazy world we’re living in smh🤦🏾‍♀️

  2. Even if you walk into your own flat and there is an intruder it still doesn't give you the right to fire into anything moving.

    In the UK you are not allowed to harm an intruder even if you are in the house when they broke in.

    The met advice to condone yourself in a room an call the police for you and your family's safety.

  3. Amber guyger needs to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Another word don't cut her no slack, no fine Blue Line between Amber guyger and the public. If they find her not guilty somebody might just do the same thing that what's his name he just got tired of the s*** and went out there and started shooting dirty cops racist cops hateful cops. He's my hero and I know they'll be more Heroes to come. And tell the cops get their s*** together and quit murdering Hispanics blacks and other minorities we need to take the law into our hands and start weeding out the cops

  4. United States police have waged war on its own ciizens which is legal and the only reason they do so is because its illeagal for our military to wage war on US soil against our citizens. They have over stepped their boundries!! Its time we as a country and our US military to wage war on these back wooods wanna be "cops". You run into the wrong house , kill the wrong man who BTW was many times over the man they ever could be and get off free? Its time for a revolution , this is OUR country we make the world go round….imagine if we the people stopped our daily jobs even for just 1 month? We could bring them to their knees!! Why and how or the "police better than us? Why do they deserve the "true to the blue" code? If I worked for a company and we held it down for each other we would get hiy with the RICO act by the FEDS. Stand up as a country so we can eradicate these "police" who have the right to kill and not face any consequences

  5. So the room is so dark that she can't see that all the pictures on the wall are different, the furniture is all different and in different places, the walls are probably painted different colours, its VERY unlikely her key would have been able to fit inside the key hole of the front door, she didn't notice the door mat outside "her" apt was different etc etc etc but some how she could make out the figure of a person and put shots on target in an environment where she can't see anything else? This tells me one of two things. Either cops should not be given 15 hour shifts because it completely brings them out of reality or this cop made some really bad choices and took someones life away when a normal person wouldn't have. i wonder whats more likely? Either scenario puts the police at fault… Basically if you want to murder someone just make sure they have the same floor plan as you…

  6. How do you mistake somebody else's apartment for yours on a different floor? How do you not see your door number as you walk up to your door? How much you want to bet this was not an accident. I bet it's about noise complaint because he lived right above her or about a parking spot. And she probably thought because she is a white female officer that she would never get convicted. Innocent man died but I don't think it was a mistake or accidental. I call it the Trump effect. People suddenly feel Invincible or feel like they can threatened anybody for any reason ever since Trump got into office. Hence the Trump effect.

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