No Warrant, No Exigent Circumstances, No Problem – Senatobia Police Department Runs Amok – Everything Law and Order Blog

Senatobia Police Department
Address: 131 N Front St, Senatobia, MS 38668
Phone: (662) 562-5642

Senatobia City Hall
Address: 133 N Front St, Senatobia, MS 38668
Phone: (662) 562-4474

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41 thoughts on “No Warrant, No Exigent Circumstances, No Problem – Senatobia Police Department Runs Amok”
  1. Senatobia Police Department

    Address: 131 N Front St, Senatobia, MS 38668

    Phone: (662) 562-5642

    Senatobia City Hall

    Address: 133 N Front St, Senatobia, MS 38668

    Phone: (662) 562-4474

  2. It's official America is an out of control police state,all these stories should be mainstream media headlines it is utterly unacceptable and disgusting,AMERICA WAKE UP FOR GOD'S SAKE

  3. The fact that people still dont understand they are under Authoritarian rule with all the video evidence is still surprising!!!

  4. United States of Fascism…
    7:50 I can't believe that this hasn't already been the case, throughout America – what more do the people need before they are willing to stand up to tyranny (y'know – the whole point behind the Right to Bear Arms…)..?
    Ruby Ridge was really the departure from rhetoric and reality…
    The UK does a far better job of standing up to this US imported fascism – with no guns..!
    It increasingly seems like America has lost it's moral imperative.
    Stop telling the world how to behave, when you act worse in you're own country…

  5. a civil right law suit is SO needed here, time is coming were we the police will stop this kind of policing. please stop it now before it to late.

  6. viewer from NEW ZEALAND what i have read about MISSISSIPPi one of the racist states in USA(dating back to civil war ) would hate to be a black person living there

  7. Terrorism is designed to let you know you are not safe anywhere and the terrorists can do anything they want to you, your family and all that you care about. The unnecessary escalation of every encounter is due to the indoctrinated expectation bias that you are expected to exhibit terror and fear and complete and utter dehumanizing submission and supplication whenever a terrorist is near, or not. The expectation of terrorists is that the people live in terror.
    America has a terrorism problem that is clear to the rest of the civilized world, America is a lawless violent terrorist state and no one is safe.
    Your purpose (as a supposed free citizen) is the same purpose as slaves in the antebellum South…. You will provide wealth for the master whether it is mass incarceration funneling government money from the people to the wealthy or as dehumanized tools to be used by propagandists to justify the unjustifiable state violence and the illegal tax of qualified immunity forced upon the American people to continue to fund their own terrorism, while the terrorists are incentivized to further escalate their terrorism of supposedly free citizens in a supposed representative democracy.
    American democracy is the lie!!! And as always when the lies inevitably fail the only thing left to defend the indefensible is violence.
    If only America were a democracy like the over 90 democracies the people could simply vote to stop their own oppression, but the intention of state terrorism is to make the citizens feel helpless to stop their own terrorism.
    Wake up America, the world is watching.

  8. The Chief really needs to be Fired decertified charged with aggravated assault in the 1st degree as well as Lose his qualified immunity Sentenced to no less than 10jacks with Zero P.C and Sued along with the department n county and Lastly make him do his Supervised Parole in a Halfway house in a Gang infested city with a Dunce Cap on everytime he walks out the door lookinlike the 🤡 that he is n Bozo that he'll feel like🤬

  9. Ole Miss is definitely out of control law enforcement including sheriff's department. This whole thing was totally unnecessary!! Sue for their badges and for that captain to be charged.

  10. These charges against the father will most like be dropped, the illegal behavior of the cops will either be fought by a good lawyer or the prosecutor will realize that these cops are a bunch of idiots who still do the same sh!t they always have done for decades but now cameras show why cops are not credible and often break the laws by disregarding people constitutional rights. How much money will this cost the taxpayers just to have these made up illegal charges thrown out or dropped. Just remember the cops have done these things for a long time, now its caught on video and the cops don't care because still think they can be the thugs they have become. I will ask the judge, prosecutor other cops and their family and friends can be a victim of a crime would it be ok that if a cops got evidence illegally and it is caught on video because they are everywhere and all of the case has to be thrown out because a cop who just doesn't care about constitutional rights of people and that cop is willing to take a chance that it doesn't come to light of day the evidence is tainted and cannot be used in court because of the cops illegal behavior. It's getting harded to conviction if the person who has been arrested without cause or evidence was obtained illegally by the thug cops.

  11. I’ve seen enough. The cop was breaking and entering a house. Assaulting the home owner. Then using a lethal weapon on the home owner. I suspect this was a racially motivated crime carried out by government employees.

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