Cops tried to tase him during a routine traffic stop, but a video turned the tables

As police reform efforts stall across the country, the case of an Arizona man who was dragged from his car by cops during a routine traffic stop is revealing. In this episode, the Police Accountability Report investigates the incident and exposes flaws in the system of police accountability in Arizona that reveal just how difficult it is to create effective systems of police oversight. Please join journalists Taya Graham and Stephen Janis for this important episode of the Police Accountability Report!

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26 thoughts on “Cops tried to tase him during a routine traffic stop, but a video turned the tables

  1. Qualified immunity ain’t even close to constitutionally legal, NO ONE IN THE GOVERNMENT is above WE THE PEOPLE or the law or the constitution !!! ACAB 1312

  2. Ms Taya: The police are selling whiskey without a license and then the court don’t want to pursue, did you ever stop to think the court is part of their crime family? That’s all the courts and the police are government run organized crime. ACAB 1312

  3. Ms Taya: pigs are part of the government, our government is treasonous and they can never be trusted, think they can be, talk to a Native American, Indian !!! ACAB 1312

  4. Someone I did time with "had"
    4 keys "alleged white powder"
    When court came, there was 1 key, of "alleged" "white powder"
    Council was forced to ask the court, as per client's DEMANDS, about the missing 3 keys of said "white powder".
    Turns out Buddy wad a Chemist, knew the EXACT, composition of said "white powder ", set the Cops up, everything on ol school Cam Corder, recorded making the "white powder" , at which point it was settled out of court. Buddy did almost 2 years of dead time. End Result,
    Buddy 1 000 000
    Cops/Prosecution – 1 000 000
    Heads Rolled
    Buddy filed "paperwork "
    Cops left him alone,
    Then Buddy, and his Buddies,
    Start manufacturing real "white powder" , and got very rich.
    He refused to "pay to play" "protection" from the Cops.
    Cut then right out, and kicked the crap out of then, at their own game.
    Moral of the story,
    ACAB !!!

  5. There asalts would stop and there murders would stop as well Thsy lose thst cushion of the taxpayers paying for there inc cause thay don't get in trouble like the whisky insadent and the police get away with this thay should Psy for there crimes

  6. There's not one good reason for them not to pay libilaty inc to pay there law suits and pay there civel law suits then thay lose there inc thay lose the badge If thay can't inc themselves

  7. you lucky you no go jail regardless> and no atterny will care to defend you in reality! I seen that! also seen lots of times the police get people to sign fails' statements when they not there! regardless if they wasn't there! that ellieagal also. but they do it. and my atterny and judges no care!

  8. There are so so many levels of corruption, double standards, deception within every spectrum of the legal system that it can never and will never be fixed or made fair. The only hope is that it be completely dismantled and start anew. No faith in anything in this corrupt corporate government/ nation.

  9. They are so insecure, afraid, that they start out assuming a confrontational encounter. I've seen them ask the citizen to understand their fear, "with all that's going on these days ". Why can't they understand that the average citizen hasn't done anything wrong, except maybe speeding or some other minor infraction, and does not deserve to be approached in a confrontational manner?
    In their fear-filled imagination it's already a confrontational situation, but the citizen is not privy to the officer's imaginary scenario.

  10. i am questioning this channel. never a police response. never a police interview. the sound doesnt match the victims interviews. this weird

  11. The police in the Phoenix area are horrible. They are quick to resort to unwarranted violence. The second time I was a victim of their physical abuse, I filed yet another complaint with Mesa PD. When IA called me back, I told him that the officer tried to say He paced me going 27mph in a 25mph construction zone. I was on a bicycle with a helper engine. I had adjusted the carb to flood at 25. I also never went at a steady pace. I accelerated throuh a turn and then slowed for both the construction zone and to not run into any of the cars that were backed up at a stop light. He turned on his lights when I was stopped with the rest of the back up. The officer asked me to sit on the ground, and I told him that I would prefer to stand. My ankles we stiff, and the movements of sitting down and standing up was painful. I also had a Kane in the crate attached to the bike, and it was plainly visible. When I let the officer know a second time That I preceded to stand. The officer, instead of treating me as a human being and asking for clarification, jumped right to violence. Two other cops had arrived, and the younger officer started yelling at about orders, that their job entitles them act in such ways. I shut him down real quick. I stopped with yelling back that his job is to respect people. I also told him that one day we will piss of the wrong person with his attitude, and end up shot. He shut his mouth and didn't speak for the rest of the encounter. The initial officer then cites my for not having a light on my bike instead of a speeding ticket. The light was there, and turned on. So, he was willing to outright lie just to make a citation.

    The IA officer, decided to blame me for the officer's abhorrent actions, and for the inability to do anything but escalate the situation. Well, I told IA that I no longer consider Mesa PD as peace officers. That if any Mesa PD officers so much as touches me again, someone will end up dead, and I will not be held responsible for that death. I then hung up the phone. That seemed to work. Since then, Mesa officers stayed five feet away from me for any reason. Also, anytime an officer ran my ID, they would come back with a compete change in attitude. They never gave me a citation from that point on, even when they might have had a legitimate reason for the citation. Maybe, they are really just bullies that will cower when someone studs up to them.

  12. the cop did not presume innocence when he approached the car. and he didnt wanna listen to his reasons then immediately became hostile. no de-escalation tactics and he shoulda left with a ticket or warning but instead severely abused his power and his partner did too both need to be fired for this

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