Cops tried to stop him from filming on a sidewalk, things turned bizarre when he cited the law

The cop watching movement has proliferated in the last decade as more and more video evidence of routine police abuse has surfaced online. Several states are making an attempt to fight back with new laws restricting the practice. In Indiana, the state legislature recently passed HEA 1186—a new bill that prevents cop watchers from filming within 25 feet of a police officer. Police have wasted no time in abusing the law to intimidate and repress cop watchers, as newly released footage from a crime scene in South Bend demonstrates. Police Accountability Report investigates the push by states and police departments to crack down on cop watchers and foil attempts to hold the police accountable.

Production: Stephen Janis, Taya Graham
Post-Production: Stephen Janis, Adam Coley

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39 thoughts on “Cops tried to stop him from filming on a sidewalk, things turned bizarre when he cited the law

  1. I have maintained for 25+ years that sobriety check points are illegal. If I understand the 4th amendment, law enforcement is supposed to have probable cause to stop me. But at check points, they don't a cause. They're searching for a cause.

  2. So all those dashcams sitting at red lights and the cops pulled someone over. Especially if they don't close the lane.

  3. Tara you're cute, BUT we need to see the video's and not feel that it's all about you! I would love to meet you one on one, face to face; But this about JUSTICE! Not followers and subscribers, and PAID advertisers.

  4. @ 7:44 When I was young, there were signs (the white rectangular type) that said, '$50 fine for spitting on the sidewalk'. They were in different towns so they were well established, official signs. Now, the police have that filthy habit and think nothing of doing it.

  5. How can that Director just decide to disobey the law pertaining to things that are directly his responsibility?
    We need reform in MANY areas of public service…not just cops

  6. Keep an eye on guys with baby faces. They might not be trust worthy, sounds strange but many time it proves true. Look how much alike these guys look. Both baby faced.

  7. Most cops were bullied as kids at school, the type whos head used to be flushed down the toilet pan. And now they are out to get revenge on a society that used to laugh at them

  8. Qualified immunity isnt needed for honest individuals only premeditated serial predetors violating the innocent using anti american rhetoric to collapse our nation by decimating citizens . Theft by deception is a crime abduction of you or kidnapping in family court should get rico act violators 50 years!

  9. Sorry RNN but no amount of editing or preface is gonna change how blatantly thirsty and overly prepared for a filmed police altercation these two are. After the intro I was truly expecting another disgusting and disappointing display of police officers abusing their powers and unjustly detaining people as has become all too common the nation over. I’m relieved to know despite this channels best efforts that didn’t seem to be the case. Police abusing their power is shameful and despicable as is this desperate attempt to reduce what could have been a productive human interaction between police and community members into viral content creation. My rights! My rights! My rights!! Yet nary a mention of the responsibilities tied to them.

  10. I want to mention something that should be EXTREMELY TELLING OF WHAT COPS THINK OF ALL OF US. Ever notice that when her co anchor says "i reached out to the police department" of whatever city, state or (wherever someones rights were used as toilet paper) the conclusion is ALWAYS THE SAME.. The police department feels they don't owe you a damned thing and cant be bothered with the likes of any of us. We are all just subjects and they're above us in every way. Let that sink in, theres no sugar to coat that reality with. Its for reasons such as these the hatred for cops is growing and growing every day.

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